Talgo fastest train in India | Speed | Specification | Details

Talgo fastest train in India | Speed (180KM/hr) | Specification | Details

Spanish based Talgo train, now becomes the India’s fastest train. As per the recent test conducted by railway officials, talgo managed to touch the speed of 180 Km/hr which is the new record. On the recent test conducted by RDSO (Research Deigns & Standards Organisation) one of the railways departs, the Spanish product Talgo managed to reach the new highness in terms of clockspeed. On witnessing the event railways higher official announced that with this high speed the travelling time from Madura-Palwal would be reduced dramatically. In literal, it was 84 km distance and the talgo completes that distance in 38 mins by breaking the old record set by Gatimaan Express.

Talgo becomes the fastest train that clocks at 180 km hr in India

After the testing event, railway officials stated that there will be more testing to be done up to July 26 before judging the ability and feasibility of talgo in Indian tracks.

About the Talgo train

Talgo trains which are famous for its innovative and lighter design made by aluminium and often appreciated by passengers as they able to experience the unconventional air circulation throughout the passenger car. All boogies of talgo trains are specially designed in such a way that provides flexibility while turning at high speed.

On knowing the features and benefits of talgo train, Indian government along with railway board showed interest on purchasing. As a result, last year around July talgo shipped its series 9 trains to India to demonstrate it’s functioning on Indian tracks from Mumbai to Delhi.

Having 9 coaches including power car and tail boogie, the talgo linked with Indian locomotive specially designed with WDP 4 diesel Engine ability to provide 4500 Horse Power, there’s no question about matching talgo’s speeds. However, this diesel engine is manufactured at the Railway Varanasi plant

Talgo Leading Train Manufactures in Spain
Talgo Stands for Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoechea Oriol
Maximum speed of Talgo train 250 Kmph
Comparison with Indian Trains Much Lighter and Travels fast
Maintenance Simple and Easy
Talgo Train Amendments Showering Unit along with In-house restaurants for passengers
Numbers of Coaches in Indian Talgo Train In total 9 coaches including power and tail end coaches
Energy Consumption of  Talgo Train 30% Lesser when compared with normal trains
Speciality of Talgo train First High-speed train in central asian countries
Ticket Fare Higher than Rajdhani Express

 Talgo Trail run at Madura-Palwal route

On the first day of the trail between the route Madura and Palwal, the train had clocked at the 120 km/hr speed. Then, it was decided to increase its speed by 10 km / hr every day.

As the way, this train had been enthused at the speed of 170 km/hr on Tuesday.  On the fifth day of the trail, the train had covered 84 km just in 38 minutes in that route.  Then, the second phase o the trail had started again on July 9th.

Furthermore, the next trail of this Talgo train will be conducted on the route of Mumbai to Bound Rajadhani Express from Madura.  In fact, this Talgo train is designed to join the national capital New Delhi with the financial city, Mumbai. This trail is conducted at the speed of 220 km/hr to verify the maximum and minimum time that the train takes to cover the distance of 1400 km.

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