Tamil Nadu Amma Free Wi-Fi Zones

Tamil Nadu Amma Free WiFi Zones

Jayalalithaa is fondly called ‘Amma’ (Mother) by her followers. She is the leader which is most famous among state people and people treat her like god. They think she is best leader. She also does her best to please her people and give different kind of facilities to her people time by time.

Tamil Nadu Amma Free Wi-Fi Zones

S.No Things Need to Know about Amma Free WiFi Detailed Information
1 Name of plan announced by State Government of Tamil Nadu Amma Free Wi-Fi
2 Number places in which free Wi-Fi will be placed Around 50 places across the state
3 The first phase of the Scheme Covers 50 States
4 Estimated Cost for placing Amma Wi-Fi Spots on first phase Around Rs. 10 Crores
5 Who can be benefited under this Amma Free Wi-Fi plan ·         Students

·         Tourists

·         Business People

Now she plans to make her state hi- fi and provide internet facilities to every person of state. Tamil Nadu chief minister Amma (Jayalalithaa) has issue orders to set up a free wi–fi facilities on different public places. This wi-fi is named with her name ‘Amma Free Wi-Fi’ zones. This Wi-Fi facility will be given to 50 public places.  50 spots include bus terminuses, profitable complexes, and parks across the state and many more public places.

Steps Taken to Implement Amma WiFi in the State

In order to make this Amma Wi-Fi Plan to be a successive one, state government of Tamil Nadu allotted around 10 crore funds among those about 1.5 crore would be spend for yearly maintenance. Also, IT center will be partnered for monitoring the work feasibility of Amma Wi-Fi, it is believed that IT center will be placed in Coimbatore.

Amma Free Wi-Fi is basically to make the state Hi-Fi so that every person can aware about the internet and its usages. Particularly offering such free internet service would attract national and as international tourists across the state. Being a notable tourist spot of India, implementing such free internet services on popular places in the state would sure boost the states features and creates positivity among the travelers.

To give more promotion to this plan the state government of Tamil Nadu plans to set up an IT building at a whooping cost several crore at the ElcoSEZ in Sholinganallur, a southern community of Chennai.Under this plan student, doctor and aam public can access the internet without paying anything and student can solve their lot of problem using this.  The Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency, the state nodal agency for e-governance services, has been documented by the uniquerecognition Authority of India for topicAadhaar cards.

As students needs internet at every state and internet is very helpful in their study. So govt think about it and provide free internet to the entire college student. In the first phase, 50 schools will be covered at a cost of Rs 10 crore. Amma always try their best to please their people by providing different facilities in the middle of their people. That is why Tamil nadu is one of growing state among the other state of country.

AMMA eServices

As the number of smart phone users are increasing day by day and most of people are aware about internet facilities. Due to Amma give gift to smart phone users by providing them free wi- fi services. Smart phone users in Tamil Nadu can also obtain a range of government services through Assured MultiModal Access to e-Services (AMMA e-Services), a new project.

The government also said a 5 crore office facility will be built within the Tamil Nadu near Academy campus in Kotturpuram to house Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency, Directorate of e-Governance and the Cable TV Corporation which is now operating out of borrowed facilities.

Unlike the opposition party DMK, that offered smart phones to all the farmers of the state on its previous rule, the current ruling party AIADMK promises to offer free mobile phone for each ration card holder in the state! Also the recent announcements for offering free wi-fi in public places and free internet along with laptops for 11th and 12th standard students are other main things to see of the manifesto, and it covers lots of attentions among the political parties across the nation.

The Tamil Nadu’s honorable chief minister J. Jayalalithaa hadrecently announced about constructing an IT complex;for about 2 lakh sq ft at the Electronic Corporation of Tamil Nadu particularin the Economic Zone of the city Chennai at a cost of Rs 80 crore.The proposal to build the complex was against the backdrop of exports would be around 25%, valued at Rs 16,536 crore.

It is planned and estimated that around 650 permanent e-registration centers (As the state and central government of India keen on making this digital in India, laying such e-registration centers in states became inevitable) will be set up by the Tamil Nadu e-governance Agency allowing state residents to access those services offered by the state government.  Also from the reliable resources, it is notified that those e-centers will be constructed and will be in operative at a cost of Rs 25 crore.

The other benefits of AMMA Services include:

  • As AMMA is planned to happy every citizen of state so give free bus travel facility for senior citizens will be comprehensive to all districts of the state
  • To state people Cable TV option is to continue and under this plan free set top box for every connection is provided to state people.
  • To give more values to the holy places, AMMA give assistance of renewal for churches and mosques and hence improve the condition of holy places.
  • Free wi-fi facilities in all public places like bus stands, complexes and parks. Total 50 public places are included under this plan which get the free wi-fi facilitate
  • Free vitamin A, D and iron tablets are provided to people so health of people can improve and every people will get basic health facilities.
  • Breakfast for school children along with free noon meal under the nutritious meal scheme to give more value to education so that more and more children join the school and get educated.
  • Women will be given basic driving training and financial support will be given to purchase autos so that they can also be self employed and need to be dependent for their living.
  • Maternity assistance leave to be increased from six months to nine months to support women employment so that they can also continue their job after their Maternity
  • Technical institutes and vocational institutes to be set up. Government will pay educational loans for those who cannot afford it. Subsidy for small tea growers
  • Amma banking card all the way through which poor and the middle class can benefitsimple financial help and can pay back the loans through easy installments. All bank transactions can be done, expenditure made and govt schemes availed with the assist of the card.
  • The newly launched schemes and plans from the ruling AAIDMK party targets the younger generation on focusing free internet services in both 3G/4G connections with the net volume of 10GB on monthly basis, along with the free laptop for higher secondary students.
  • Rs 100 crore security guarantee fund to help MSME sector benefit easy loans and Rs 500 crore Amma business enterprise capital fund to assist facilitate start ups in the MSME sector
  • New stonework policy and government will take over the sale of mineral sand so that more and more business of mineral can grow and people get benefited more.
  • It become compulsory that employment for one person in every family so that no every family can fulfill their basic requirement.
  • Relief to fishermen during no-fishing season will be hiked to Rs 5,000; Housing scheme for fishermen will be implemented
  • Crop loan, small term and longterm loans will be give up for small and micro farmers and Pending dues from sugarcane companies will be given right away

AMMA eServices Details 

In the AMMS e service Smart phone users in Tamil Nadu get benefited by the free wi-fi services but this facility is not all public places but in stating it is limited to 50 places. Smart phone users can also get a range of government services through Assured MultiModal Access to eServices (AMMA e-Services)

AMMA launch this service because in last election she promises that she will provide Wi-Fi to all the voter of state. To fulfill her promise she launches this plan and now Bus stations, parks, commercial complexes and many more general places will be set up so that people can excess free Wi-Fi from there. According to the party member, as well as to make sure that high school and college students will offer free Internet access said the statement. Amma name is being introduced in the past in many things like in Amma Water, Amma Cement, Amma Canteen In the public at subsidize prices.

In addition to those various schemes and beneficiary policy, the current ruling party AIADMK led by J. Jayalalithaa (Amma) has issue orders to construct an complex with the land space of over two lakh square feet in order to overcome the need of IT infra structure of Tamil Nadu

The proposal to build the IT complex was against the background of sell abroad from the Special Economic Zone constituting 25 per cent, valued at Rs 16,536 crore.

As people treat AMMA as god in Tamil Nadu, she is also try to become like this and trying to give every facility to her people. She had set her priorities clear by declaring in no uncertain terms her determination to continue in power and eliminate the DMK. Offering such quality food for cheap rates would be surely benefited for poor people especially for those who work on daily wages.

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