Teacher Education Scheme

Teacher Education Scheme

Education is important part of any society and Teachers are pillar of our society. To be good teacher, every teacher needs some training which makes them perfect. As In past education level is not up to mark in India, because of that reason gov. start a project called Teacher Education Scheme to give proper training  for the future builder of our society . The need of Teacher Education program in the country is reflected by the fact that most of candidate who want to become teacher and appeared in Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) have failed and was not able to show their basic knowledge which is must for a teacher.  The importance of competent teachers to the nation‘s school system cannot be avoided as this is very first important factor for any of the nationno way be overemphasized.

Teacher Education Scheme

At present Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a new training program for active and as well as upcoming teachers, in which he suggestsfive year course for anyone before starting his/her teaching career!Also the central government of India funded Rs 900 crore for this teacher training program.

Certain important and notable facts relating to the Teacher Education Scheme

  • Setting up of new District organization for Education and Training in the middle of current teacher and for the future students so that our child will get the good education and make a strong nation
  • Enhance the quality of Educational Research and Training by providing Training for Educational Administrators, including Head Teachers. This will help to manage the things properly as the Administrators part is also well trained.

Objective of the Teacher Education Scheme

  • Teacher Education Scheme main purpose is to prepare teachers for the school system means prepare them before joining teaching. So fresh teachers will also be capable to provide good education in the middle of students.
  • Improve capacity of existing school teachers i.e. providing more training during their job to make them aware about new teaching aids and about new terminology added in education, hence Add new Technology in Teacher Education
  • Decrease the number of untrained teacher in education system and increase number of knowledge teacher to make good base of our country ( as children are future of any country) by providing good education to our children

Phases of the Teacher Education Scheme

To teach, teachers required Initial Teacher Education or Training based at a university, school, or college. There is 2 phases of Teacher Education Scheme one is before join the teaching as career and another one is during the teaching job i.e will be going on after the regular interval of time. This training is self financed by the students. A large of teacher takes benefits of this program ever year

Once a student completes his education he has to join Teacher Education plan to become a teacher. Students have to find out the whole thing they require to know regarding training to teach, from the kind of courses accessible to the subjects for which they are eligible to teach. During this course training will be provide to students, make them aware about how to teach the students. After completing the training student have to pass Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) to join the job. This training is completed by best applicants, leaders committed to discovering and transforming children’s learning. During this training students are also provide some practical training. In this practical training they had to provide lectures in different school and marks are counted for this. Student who have good performance in these practical classes score more than the other students

In 2nd type of Teacher Education plan training is provide to teacher to make them perfect. Make them aware about new techniques, this training improve the capability and knowledge of teachers. This will help to link elementary teacher education with the higher education system.

Center and state level Government provides finical aid for this type of training in spite of education board.

  Phase 1 Phase 2
What is the duration of this phase? 3 to five yrs depends upon different state 15 days to 6 month. Also depends upon the experience of teacher
What will happen during this phase? Will trained the students so that they become future ideal teacher and provide great output. As result of good input is always best output Make the present teacher more perfect and up to date with new technology

Features of the Teacher Education Scheme

Under this scheme the beneficiaries will be provided more knowledge and information. To grow good crop of teacher for future. State Governments also financially support in-service programmers.The structure has highlighted the focus, exact objectives, broad areas of study in terms of academic and practical learning’s, and curricular transaction and evaluationplans for the different initial teacher education programmers.

So the joint efforts of students, staff, and administrators across all partners centeron enhance the quality of learning in classrooms in basic, secondary, and higher education system. But to get teacher need to train properly and so need to join proper teacher training program which make them perfect for teaching.

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