Central Government Launched New Number for Telephonic COVID – 19 Survey

Central Government Launched New Number for Telephonic COVID – 19 Survey

Each day, the Central Health Ministry is organizing official press releases. It is an effective way to keep the common people of the nation informed about current Coronavirus pandemic situation. Apart from the nation-wide figures, the Health Ministry is highlighting the COVID – 19 conditions in the various states. It is to ensure that people have access to genuine information, and to put a stopper on the spread of rumors. In this respect, the central government has taken a new initiative that makes use of the telecommunication platform.

Telephonic COVID – 19 Survey number govt

Use of digital platforms for information dissemination

The central government realized that using digital platform is the best, easiest and fastest way to reach out to the commoners. The central government has launched special portals, where the updated details of COVID – 19 pandemic are available. The government departments are also using the official social media accounts to inform the people about the preventive steps and relief schemes. Launching the Aarogya Setu Mobile App is another measure that will help the people as well as the governments. Recently, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has announced that the central government will soon conduct a survey. The survey will be carried out via telephone. The official survey number is 1921.

Conducting the survey

The ministers stated that the common people will get a call from the above-mentioned number. They will get the survey call on their mobiles. It is pertinent that the people take part in the survey, as it will play an important role in containing the COVID – 19 pandemic. The participants must highlight whether they have one or more symptoms of Coronavirus contamination. They must provide their locational details, as the Central Health Ministry has already identified the red, orange and green zones in the country.

Warning against phishing activities

Cyber criminals wait for opportunities, which help them to gather personal details of the unsuspecting people. During the official announcement, the officials urged the people not to fall prey to the phishing activities. The officials pointed out that the survey will be conducted through the official number. Pranksters and cyber criminals may call from other numbers, and ask for personal details, under the farce of health survey. Such calls must not be entertained under any circumstances.

Role of the regional governments

Though the telephonic survey project has been developed by the central government, it will require the assistance of the state and Union Territory authorities for its implementation. It is mandatory that the regional governments upload survey-related information on the official state websites. The Chief Ministers must urge the residents of the states to take part in the telephonic survey.

The central ministry has not yet specified a date when the survey will start. However, it is expected to commence within a few days. Access to correct information will enable the central government to detect the hotspots. Steady communication with the state governments will enable the state health department to detect, isolate and treat the Coronavirus infected people.

Is there an official site where one can log in to take part in the survey?

No! The central government has not launched an official portal for conducting the survey.

What is the official survey phone number?

1921 is the official telephone number through which the survey will be conducted.

Who will carry out the survey?

The authorized notification highlights that the task of conducting the telephonic survey is given to NIC.

Will the department call people on registered landline numbers?

No! All the survey related called will be made by the officials of the respective department on the registered mobile numbers.

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