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Temporary Ration Card E-Coupon in Delhi 2020 (Non Ration Card Holders to Get Free Ration) (Check Ration Card Status Online, Apply Online Form Process, e-pass, compesation of Rs. 5,000, Track NFS Food Card @nfs.delhi.gov.in , Eligibility, Documents, FAQ)

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, when most of the states in India are taking necessary steps to support the people of the state, the Delhi government has also taken the necessary measures for food security of the people. The chief minister of Delhi has taken a step so that people get financial and food security during the lockdown. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal lead government has implemented a scheme to support the impoverish people of the state who have no ration card to get ration for the time being.

With the implementation of the scheme, the people who did not have ration card will not be remained deprived of pulses and grains. The people for now can apply for temporary ration card to get ration at subsidized price. According to the authority, there will be approximately 71 lakh people with no ration card of the state. Until everything settles down the government of Delhi will provide temporary coupon for ration.

Name of the scheme Temporary Ration Card Scheme in Delhi
Launched in Delhi
Launched by Arvind Kejriwal
Date of announcement April 2020
Implementation date Mid-April 2020
Target beneficiaries People who do not have ration cards
Supervised by Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs of Delhi
Official portal link www.nfs.delhi.gov.in

On the other hand, around 6.5 lakh people who reside in Delhi have no ration card. Even they will not be deprived of the Temporary Ration Coupon scheme. The will be able to apply for the coupon to the government to get ration during the lock down period. The CM of the state said, that the ration will be distributed from the state authorized ration shops and this is the reason the temporary ration coupon holder will get the ration from those shops only along with regular ration card holders.

According to the rule, the ration dealers are instructed to provide 7.5 kg food grains regardless of temporary or permanent card holder at government authorized rate.

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How to apply for the temporary ration coupon?

  • Online application- In order to apply for the temporary coupon, the candidates need to apply at https://delhi.gov.in/
  • Activating the application process- Once you click on the link you will reach to the official website. You will reach to the home page where you will get plenty o options. Among all the options, you need to click on the ‘Apply for Temporary Ration Coupon’ for registration.
  • Ration Jansamvad Portal- After clicking on the option, you will reach to Ration Jansamvad Portal.
  • Online application form fill-up- once you are redirected to the portal you will get an enrollment form. You need to fill-up the form with accurate information.
  • Uploading ID proof- While filling-up the form the applicant needs to upload the scanned copy of Aadhar card and then click on submit.
  • Issuance of the e-coupon- once you submit the form the coupon generation will start. You need to take out a printout of the coupon.
  • Ration collection- In order to collect the ration, you need to take the coupon along with you, and then you need to show the dealer the printed version of the temporary coupon. And only after that you will get the ration from the authorized shop.

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How to Download Delhi E- Ration Card

  1. The applicants, who have enrolled for the Temporary Ration Card Coupons from the Delhi government, must log in on the authorized portal of Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs of the state.

  2. When the main site opens, the applicant must look for the option that is marked as “Citizen Corner.” Then he/she must click on this link.

  3. It brings up some additional options. The applicant must click on the link that is marked as “Generate e-card.” The individual can get to this page directly by clicking on the link.

  4. Five fields have been highlighted on this page. The applicant must type in the relevant details in every field.

  5. Once this step is complete, the applicant must click on the green button that is marked as “Continue.”

  6. It will trigger the portal to generate the temporary ration coupon, issued in the name of the respective applicant.

  7. The candidate can spot the download option on this page. He/she can click on this button to initiate the downloading process. Then he/she needs to generate a print out of this slip that needs to be produced at the ration shop.

Process to Track Delhi E-Ration Card Status

  1. The state government has provided the facility of tracking the current status of the temporary ration coupon. For this, the applicant must click on the link nfs.delhi.gov.in.
  2. On the main page, the person needs to click on the “Citizens Corner” tab for more options.
  3. Then the applicant will spot a link that is marked as “Track Food Security Application.”
  4. When the applicant clicks on this link, he/she will be redirected to a different page, where the applicant must type in some details like Aadhar code, family ID, and NFS registration code.
  5. When this step is complete, the candidate needs to click on the button that says “Search.”
  6. The site will search the database, and highlight the current status of the application, when it hits a match.

How to apply for e-pass for travel and compensation?

In this tough time while delivering medicine and ration have become necessary and urgent then Delhi government has taken necessary step to help the people. There will a special transport pass system for the people who are associated with the delivery of essential commodities. In order to get the special pass one need to apply online. On the same portal, the people who are laborers can also apply for the compensation.

  • Access official website- In order to get the e-pass for transportation for ration and medicine, and also monetary compensation you need to go to delhi.gov.in.
  • Registration for e-pass- Once you visit the main page of the portal, you need to click on the says ‘Click Here to Apply for ePass’
  • Highlight the need- In order to apply for other requirements you need to click on the other boxes as well to highlight those points.
  • Application form- To apply for your need you need to fill-up the application that is segregated into different sections. You need to fill-up the entire form with accurate information.
  • To issue the online pass – After the application is done the candidate can download and print the pass.
  • Compensation for construction workers – When it comes to the compensation for the jobless laborers, they will receive 5000 rupees on the behalf of Delhi government.

Eligibility for the applicants

  • Must belong to financially weak section– The implemented scheme belongs to the people who are coming from the marginal section of the society. Especially, the BPL candidates are eligible for the scheme.
  • Must not possess a ration card- The candidates should not have any ration card. The scheme is only for the people with no permanent ration card.
  • Must reside in Delhi- The pass will be applicable for the people who are right now living in Delhi.

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Important Documents necessary for application

  • Aadhar card- In order to get the ration pass the Aadhar card of the candidate is mandatory at the time of application.
  • Recent photograph- In order to apply for the pass the candidates need to submit their passport size recent picture.

With the launch of such scheme it is believed that until the lock down is being relaxed by the government no person will starve. The necessary steps will let the people access the medicine, food and other essential thing. And not only that but also they will not be stopped by the police if they have the pass in their hand. The government is already serving 50,000 people with 5kg ration in this lock down. Besides the food security, the medical professionals are also serving the people with their best of treatments. There are numbers of relief centers are established, and Delhi government is providing food for lunch and dinner. The government will continue the process till date the lock down is removed. According the government, they are taking all the measures to fight against the pandemic and keeping the people safe.

Latest announcement made by Delhi governmen

The AAP government is trying out new techniques, which will offer respite to the poor and needy people. The free ration distribution is one such initiative

The Delhi government wants to speed up the application process. Apart from the online portal, interested candidates can opt for the assistance of some NGOs, which have been selected by the authority. It will be the responsibility of the NGOs to collect the details of the interested applicants, and register for a ration slip on their behalf.

The Delhi officials have announced that 43 hubs have been selected for distribution of free ration during the preliminary implementation days. However, the main list contains the names of 400 food grain distribution centers.


What is the time span for the issuance of the temporary ration cards?

 Whether the candidate applies for the temporary ration card online or offline, the Delhi government will be able to generate the ration slip within 15 days. The time will be counted after the officials have verified the documents.

Is there any income limitation to become a beneficiary of this scheme?

The Delhi government announced that only those residents will be allowed to attain the perks of this scheme, who earn less than or equal to Rs. 1.5 lakhs on a yearly basis.

What are the documents that an applicant must produce?

The applicant must submit the following documents if they desire to attain the temporary ration card: Aadhar Card, Income certificate of the person, Recent photograph (passport size), PAN card.

From where will the interested applicants get the online application form?

The applicants, who require a temporary ration card, need to click on the official link. It will give them access to the website of Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs in Delhi. From here, the candidate can download, fill in and submit the registration form.

Will the people, who do not have ration cards, get food grains at subsidized rates?

Yes! Under these precarious circumstances, the Delhi CM has directed the ration shop owners and dealers to offer food grains and essential commodities at low rates to those people who do not have ration cards.

What is the telephone number for the Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs?

The applicants, who need any information about the scheme, can call on the number 011 – 23378759. The helpline number of the department is 1800 – 11 – 0841.

What is the helpline ID for the department?

The department also has a helpline ID. An applicant can send in his/her queries via mail to cfood@nic.in.

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