Tiger Express Train Tour | Route | Fare | Itinerary

Tiger Express Train Tour | Route | Fare | Itinerary

On 5th June, 2016, The Honorable Railway Minister of India flagged off an extraordinary tour train package for the citizens of India. The Indian citizens will welcome this new tour train package and it will be named as the Tiger Express. It is a semi luxury tourist train. Indian Railways launched this project jointly with IRCTC.

Tiger Express Train Inside

Although this project has been launched recently, but the hint of launching such an amazing project was given in the Rail Budget of 2017. This project has been unveiled for the citizens of India so that they will be able to explore the Indian wildlife and the nature enthusiasts will also be able to see the world famous tigers.

The Indian railway is the biggest network in the world and this railway has always been committed to preserve environment and to attract the citizens to the beauties of environment. The national animal of India is Tiger and thus this project is for the nature enthusiasts so they can explore the beautiful tiger treasuries of the country by travelling through the most divine transportation which is the rail.

Tiger Express Train Sleeping Coaches

Inauguration of Tiger Express Train 

The Railway Minister of India inaugurated this project from Mumbai on the World Environment Day through video conference. For its first journey, Tiger Express left Safdarjung Railway Station of Delhi. Although the Railway Minister was not in the spot of inauguration, several railway officials and VIP’s were present at the time of inauguration of this wonderful project. The Chief of the Ministry of Science and Technology along with the Lok Sabha MP was present at the Delhi station to see off the inauguration of this beautiful project.

Management of Tiger Express Train Tour Package 

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will manage this tour package. IRCTC is a well known term in Indian Railways and it is a body of the Indian Railways that manages the reservation process and the organized tours of the trains. IRCTC also looks after the ticket and hotel bookings and the catering in railways. The role of IRCTC of managing the Tiger Express tour package is mentioned below.

  • IRCTC will administrate the entire Tiger Express Tour Package
  • IRCTC will manage the Tiger Circuit Tour
  • IRCTC will be the responsible party for booking maintenance.
  • IRCTC will play the role of a tour guide in this package.
  • The website of IRCTC will provide information about the Tiger Circuit Tour.
  • The website of IRCTC must provide information regarding the seat availability, booking and cancellations of Tiger express.

Journey Period of Tiger Express Train

Tiger Express was inaugurated in the Safdarjung Railway Station of Delhi. From the inauguration, it is clear that the train will start its journey from Delhi, and Delhi will be the base station of the train. This special wildlife tour package will be for a period of 5 days and 6 tights altogether. The passengers will have to stay in the train at night on the day of the journey. After completing the beautiful journey the passengers will be returned to the Safdarjung Railway Station at Delhi.

The Journey of Tiger Train Circuit 

The Tiger Express will start its journey from the Safdarjug Railway Station of Delhi. The train will take a trip to Jabalpur passing through Katani and Kanha. The train will stop at all the important stoppages and the vital tourist attractions of the train circuit. The train is named Tiger Express and the Railway Minister also ensured that the passengers of the Train will get to explore the tigers of the country, and for this the train will stop at Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha National Park. But apart from the wildlife and the exploration of tigers, this trip will also allow the passengers to see natural beauty when they will be brought to the famous Dhuadhar Waterfall.

Vital Information of the Tiger Express Train Tour 

The train in which the passengers will go on to explore the flora and fauna of the nature is named Tiger Express. The tour is managed by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). The whole period of the tour is 5 days and 6 nights and the starting point of the tour is Safdarjung Railway Station of Delhi. The important attractions of the tour are the Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park and Dhuadhar Waterfall. The helpline numbers for Tiger Express Train is toll free and the passengers can also obtain all the information about the tour from the official website of IRCTC.

Objectives behind this Tiger Circuit Tour Project by Indian Railways

  • To preserve environment.
  • To attract the citizens of the country to the beauties of the environment.
  • To serve the nature enthusiasts by the means of wildlife experience.
  • To show the citizens the biggest tiger treasuries of the country.
  • To showcase the divine enjoyment of travelling by rail route
  • To create awareness of saving the tigers of the country.
  • To show the two famous national parks of the country to the citizens of the country.
  • To make path for upcoming railway tours like tour to the deserts and Elephant Circuit.
  • To showcase the importance of Railways system and preserving nature in India. 

Facilities of the Tiger Express Tour
This tour will offer the passengers with several special facilities. The facilities will be showcased below.

  • Facilities of the Train: Semi luxury trains will be available in this tour which will be provided by the Indian Railways. The trains will be air conditioned and the interiors of the trains will be adorned by wildlife and tiger themed pictures. There will also be various placards which will provide information and images of tigers and their surroundings.
  • Facilities of the Hotel: The passengers of the tour will get to stay in three star hotels once they reach their destination. The tour period consists of 5 nights and 3 of them will be spent in these 3 star luxury hotels which will provide the guests of the tour with several luxuries.
  • Facilities provided by IRCTC: IRCTC will organize the complete tour package from booking the tour to booing the hotel. IRCTC will also provide quality foods to the guests in the Tiger Express train. IRCTC will also engage tour guides to the project and these efficient guides will guide the guests of the tour.
  • Dining Facilities in the Train: Indian Railways will provide a separate dining coach facility in the train for the very first time in their history. Tiger Express will provide a coach which will be only dedicated for dining and recreation. In the special coach, the guests will be able to get involved into interactions with each other. 

Tariff Structure for 1st Tiger Express Tour Package for Indian Citizens

Two types of occupancies will be available in the Tiger Express for booking. One of them is named 1st class AC and the other one is named 2nd Class AC. These two occupancies will be available for the rail journey and there will be a difference of the charges of the two occupancies.

1st Class Ac

Below is a table to showcase the tariff structure of the 1st Class AC of the Tour Package.

Occupancy Charges (Per Individual)
Single Occupancy Rs. 49, 500
Double Occupancy Rs. 45, 500
Triple Occupancy Rs. 44, 900
Child With Bed (5-11 Years) Rs. 39, 500

As per the rules of Tiger Express, children above the age of 11 will be considered as adults and they will be charged accordingly.

2nd class AC

Below is a table to showcase the Tariff Structure of the 2nd Class AC of the Tour Package.

Occupancy Charges (Per Individual)
Single Occupancy Rs. 43, 500
Double Occupancy Rs. 39, 500
Triple Occupancy Rs. 38, 500
Child With Bed (5-11 Years) Rs. 33, 500

The booking of the occupancies must have to be made in advance before the beginning of the tours. The total tariff should be paid for booking of the Tiger Circuit Tour.

Tariff rate of Tiger Express Train for foreigners

For the foreigners, there is a slight change of charges. The Indian citizens will be charged as per the above mentioned tariff rates. But the foreigners will have to pay extra charges for entry and for the expedition tour in the Kanha and Bandhavhgarh National Park. Consequently, the per-individual tariff of the foreigners will comprise this extra cost. An additional surcharge of Rs. 4, 000 will be charged from them. Further rates are similar for the foreigners as for the Indian Citizens. This special tour is hoped to attract a lot of foreigners.

Insights of Kanha National Park

  • It is located in Madhya Pradesh State and it is the largest park of India
  • The area of the park is around 940 sq Km.
  • The park is renowned for Royal Bengal Tigers, swamp deer and sloth bears.
  • The famous novel named “The Jungle Book” was inspired to be written by the beauties of this park. 

Insights of Bandhavgarh National Park

  • It is located in Madhya Pradesh State
  • The area of the park is 437 sq Km.
  • This park is popular for a dense population of the Indian tigers belonging in the park. Also several deer types and leopards can be seen in this park.
  • Main attraction of the Park is the famous white tigers. 

Tiger Express Train Tour Route and Itinerary

We will now provide the details of the entire tour below starting from Day 1 to Day 6.

Day 1

The guests of the tour will arrive in Safdarjung Railways Station for the beginning of the tour. Tiger Express will leave the station on Day 1. The train will leave at 3 P.M. The guests of the train will spend the night in the train where they will be provided snacks and dinner. There will be a dining coach for the guests to enjoy dinner.

Day 2

The Tiger Express will arrive on the Katni Railway early in the morning. The expected time of arrival is 05.45 A.M. The breakfast of the guests will be given in the train. Then the guests will check in to their hotel rooms in Bandhavgarh. The lunch of the guests will be provided in the hotel. The guests will go for an evening safari to Khituali. The guests will come back to their hotel and enjoy dinner then. They will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 3

The guests will check out from their hotel after breakfast on Day 3. They will then go to the railway station and at 11:00 A.M. they will be taken to Kanha by the Tiger Express. After reaching the destination, the guests will have to check in to their hotel rooms in Kanha and they will have their lunch in the hotel. For the Mukki zone there will be an evening trip and the guests will have their dinner in the hotel. 

Day 4

The entire day will be spent in Kanha. The guests will have their breakfast in the outdoor after Mukki Zone’s morning trip and lunch in the hotel. The guests will spend their evening by doing shopping from the local markets. The dinner and the overnight stay of the guests will be arranged in the hotel.

Day 5

The guests will have their breakfast in the Kanha hotel. Then the guests will go to the Kanha Railway Station where The Tiger Express will leave for Jabalpur which will be the last stoppage before returning. The guests will then check in to the Jabalpur hotel where they will be provided with lunch. Then the guests will enjoy Dhuadhar Waterfall in the evening. The guests will enjoy the evening tea from the hotel and then they will go to the railway station for their trip back home. The dinner of the guests will be arranged by the Tiger Express. The train will depart at 10:05 P.M. and so the guests will be obliged to spend the night in the train.

Day 6 

The guests will enjoy breakfast and lunch on the train and the Tiger Express will reach the Safdarjung Station in 3:50 P.M. The journey will conclude here and the guests will take joyous memories of the journey with them.

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