Trupay e Wallet Payment App

Trupay e Wallet Payment App

UPI is made live with the help and application of Trupay e-Wallet. This is the true and the perfect money transfer solution you can have in hand. With the help of the app one can send and receive finance from the exact point of transaction. In the way money is going to be deposited in your bank account instantly. For this, you don’t need any intermediaries. You can do things all alone just with the help of the Trupay app. Everything is made to happen in time with the perfect use of the application and there are no unnecessary hassles and delays involved in the process.

Trupay e Wallet Payment App

Trupay Lessening the Hassles

In this case you don’t have to deal with the hassles of top ups and the rest. The use of the wallet is extremely easy and hassle free and there is no chance for the money to get locked on a sudden basis. The money remains safe in the bank account earning the interest in time. To make the best use of the Trupay app you don’t need to remember the imperfect and unnecessary bank details. You don’t even have to make use of the IFSC codes and the rest. You just have to create the personal payment ID and this will make transaction so smooth and hassle free.

Easy Use of Trupay

Making use of the application is all so easy. It is just like sending a text message to your buddy. For this you just have to choose someone to make payment from the address book. To make the transaction easy one has to make the best use of the mobile number and you even have to add the amount of tap being sent. The app works fast to help the recipient get the money at the fastest from the bank account.

Trupay is the Secured Option

The Trupay method of payment is the most secured way to send money at the fastest. It is an opportunity to watch life with the application of Trupay. This acts fantastically on an android device and it makes the most of the applications available on the mobile phone. However, after you have created the unique payment ID on Trupay from your registered mobile number you can get linked with the bank instantly. Now, you can easily send money to the next mobile number or you can even send the same to the preferred merchant with the help of few taps.

Sending Money with the App

The application can be well managed and functioned over android and iOS. Download the app from play store or apple market and install it over your phone to send money to anyone. Just enter the Mobile number, you will receive a verification passcode over your number as OTP – enter that and send money. Once you activate a number for sending money that will remain in the data base. Hence in future just reschedule the thing and send money in one tap – acomplete hassle free solution to become cashless.

Trupay Used for Making Money Request

Trupay will also help you make a request for the money. It is not just the one way street you can use. Trupay has diverse options to help you get rid of the adversities in the mode of making payments.Follow the same way you send money to someone in order to send money request to that person. Only one thing has to be ensured at that level – The person whom you are sending re            quest must also have the app with him. The amount that will be sent to you will be directly deposited to your bank account. So, you will never have to go anywhere now, no hassle, no collection of instrument and standing in the queue of bank.

Trupay Making Business Payments

Trupay is the perfect application to help you make business payments. You can make use of the application to make payment to the local grocer. The same app is used to pay the bill at the restaurant. For this, you need to select the name from the business list present in the application. This way, you can readily enjoy the hassle free fiscal relation with the successful advent of Trupay. It has become so easy these days making a payment instantly without withdrawing cash from the bank with the use of the Trupay option.

Paying Monthly Bills with Trupay

You can stay on the top of the monthly bills with the use of the Trupay app. This is the best way you can pay for the reason of mobile recharging and Trupay also helps you pay the landline bill. The application is ready to help you with the electricity bill and the gas bill and things are done directly accessing cash from the bank account. Just a tap will make the application workable and you can deal with the cash at the fastest without any wastage of time.

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