UDAN Scheme (Udan Yojana) – Cheap Airfare Scheme by Indian Govt

UDAN Scheme (Udan Yojana) | Udan full form Udey Deshka Aam Nagrik

The Indian Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a new scheme called the UDAN Yojana on October 2016 where the main objective is to provide air tickets at cheaper price. UDAN which refers to ‘Udey Deshka Aam Nagrik’ focuses on making flying affordable for the people who want to travel to and fro the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of the country.

Udan Details in Tabular Format

S.No Things Need to know about UDAN Yojana Detailed Information
1 Plan Name UDAN
2 Full Form Udey Deshka Aam Nagrik’
3 Plan Introduced on October 2016
4 Who Launched this plan Narendra Modi
5 Maximum Fare Rs. 2500 (Including all taxes)
6 Maximum KMs 500
7 Minimum Number of births per flight 9 to 50%
8 Launch date April 2017
9 Launch Flight Shima to Delhi

UDAAN Yojana – Cheap Airfare Scheme by Indian Govt

Objective of the scheme

So the problem identified by the Indian government is that the airfare between major cities and smaller cities or smaller cities to another smaller cities are very high and hence people cannot afford it. They rather prefer trains. Moreover there are many airports in such Tier 2 and Tier 3 which remain empty ad hardly witness one two flights in a week. So to improve the air travel sector of the country, the UAN scheme has been launched. The objective here will be to make air travel cheaper and make almost 50 underutilized airports operational.

Features of the scheme

  • The scheme has been launched but people can start enjoying the benefits of the scheme from the April 2017.
  • Under this scheme the air fare between Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will be made Rs.2500 per hour of travel. In an hour a light can cover 500 kilometers so the fare will be around Rs.5 per kilometers. And for helicopter the fare will be Rs.5000 per hour.
  • In a flight around 50% of the total seats will be reserved for the UDAN scheme. The Airlines that launch flights to and fro Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will be given subsidies as well. Also the airline that run under this scheme need not pay the landing and parking charges.
  • The Airlines who become a part of this scheme will have to run at least 3 flights under this scheme and there should be at least 7 departures in a weak.
  • The airport that will be renovated under this scheme will be chosen after referring to the respective State government. Together with the State government the Central government will revive the dysfunctional and un-served airports of the country.

How general public get benefit from the UDAN Yojana?

To take benefit of this scheme a general people have to do any extra home work and need not to provide any kind of document. They will require any kind of registration process. It will be implemented countrywide for all people as this scheme has been started by the government itself for middle class families. And govt is trying to get organized all kind of facilities so that more and more people can take pleasure of this scheme.

Some of UDAN Routes

Sno From To
1  Bhatinda, Delhi
2 Shimla Delhi
3 Kullu Delhi
4 Agra Delhi
5 Pathankot Delhi
6 Pantnagar Delhi
7 Ludhiana Delhi
8 Bikaner Delhi
9 Agra Jaipur
10 Jaisalmer Jaipur
11 Agartala Shillong
12  Aizwal Shillong
13 Dimapur Shillong
14 Imphal Shillong
15 Silchar Shillong
16 Burnpur Kolkata
17 Cooch Behar Kolkata
18 Durgapur Kolkata
19 Jamshedpur Kolkata
20 Rourkela Kolkata
21 Hyderabad Puducherry
22 Salem Puducherry
23 Chennai Puducherry
24 Diu Ahmedabad
25 Dwarka Ahmedabad
26 Jamnagar Ahmedabad
27 Mundra Ahmedabad
28 Kandla Mumbai
29 Porbandar Mumbai
30 Jalgaon Mumbai
31 Nashik Mumbai
32 Sholapur Mumbai


  1. True jet a regional airlines added these 3 routes under udan scheme  a) Hyderabad-Cuddapah b) Hyderabad-Nanded and c) Nanded-Mumbai on 27th April

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