UP Supply Mitra Portal For Home Delivery), Annapurna Cooked Food Distribution Centres

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UP Supply Mitra Portal for home delivery of kirana or ration items @supplymitra-up.com Annapurna for list of cooked food distribution centers In Uttar Pradesh 2020 [Login Process, ID, Registration]

The medical professionals are putting their best foot forward to prevent the community spread of Coronavirus. However, the lockdown has impacted all lives of common people in the nation. The state governments have urged the people to remain indoors to save themselves from viral contamination. However, people need access to essential commodities. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has vowed that no individual will suffer from scarcity of food during these days. In this respect, the state authority has launched a special portal. The Supply Mitra Portal will highlight the details of grocery stores and food distribution centers in the state. If you want to know more about the features of the website, then read this article.

Name of the portals Supply Mitra and Annapurna Portal
Launched in Uttar Pradesh
Launched by Yogi Adityanath
Date of launch April 2020
Target clients Common people of Uttar Pradesh
Official portal http://supplymitra-up.com/

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Key features of the portal

  1. Ensuring convenience of residents

 People cannot venture out of their homes to purchase the necessary commodities. The main objective behind launching the portal is to ensure that convenience of the common people, with proper dissemination of information.

  • Offering vital information

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh highlighted that there is enough food grains and essential groceries in the state store houses. However, the common people do not possess information about the centers, from where they can collect the commodities. The portal will bridge the information gap.

  • Number of website components

The Uttar Pradesh Supply Mitra Portal has three different components. One deals with the distribution of groceries and ration. The second highlights the details of food distribution centers. The third component sheds light on the community kitchens or Annapurna cooked food distribution centers.

  • Details of the centers

The common people, who require home delivery of food grains, groceries, cooked food or other commodities, will be able to acquire the names, and contact details of the stores and centers from the portal.

  • Online registration

The stores, NGOs and community kitchens can become a part of this noble task. Such organizations will have to log in on the portal and register for offering these services.

  • Dynamic listing

The Chief Minister has highlighted that the listings, available on the portal are dynamic. Over the days, the number of registered home delivery centers may increase or decrease. Some grocery, food distribution and food delivery centers may stop the service, while new stores may be added to the list.

  • Number of ration and grocery stores

The common people can check out the details of 9451 grocery and ration home delivery stores, on the portal.

  • Numbers of community food distribution centers –

Till date, as many as 1218 Annapurna kitchens and cooked food distribution hubs have registered on the portal.

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How to log in on the website?

  1. Official portal

    Both service providers and common people can gather information by logging on to the authorized portal. For this, the applicant needs to click on the link http://supplymitra-up.com/.

  2. Service links

    On the home page, the candidates can see three different links. The first link offers details of stores which deliver ration and groceries to homes. The second and third links highlight details of centers, which offer cooked food and hubs, which are associated with food distribution respectively.

  3. Area-wise store details

    An individual, looking for the services, can select the district and area where he/she resides. The list of the home delivery and food distribution centers, located in the particular region, will be highlighted.

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How to get information about home delivery of ration?

  1. If an applicant wants to order home delivery of ration or groceries, then he/she must click on the main link, i.e. http://supplymitra-up.com/.
  2. After this, the person must click on the first link on the home page that is marked as “To get information about the home delivery distributor of your nearest grocery / ration material.”
  3. It will redirect the person to another page where he/she must select the district, ward and locality by clicking on the respective drop-down arrows, beside each field.
  4. As soon as the three fields have been filled with the relevant details, the list of shops, which offer home delivery, will be displayed on the screen.

How to get information about cooked food distribution centers?

  1. People, who want information about Annapurna kitchens or cooked food distribution, must get to the official home page, by clicking on the link http://supplymitra-up.com/.
  2. After this, the interested candidate must click on the option that is marked as “Get information about cooked food centers.”
  3. It will open a new page in a new tab. Here, the person must select the name of the district from the drop down list. Apart from this, he/she must select the administrative entity of the area.
  4. It will trigger the portal to bring up the names and contact details of the centers and NGOs, which have taken up the responsibility of distributing cooked food, through the Annapuran kitchens.

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How to get information about food distribution centers?

  1. The Uttar Pradesh government has also highlighted that various centers will distribute food grains, to the people, belonging to the needy sections. If you want to obtain the details of such centers, then you must reach the official portal.
  2. The third link on the homepage, marked as “Get information about food distribution centers” must be clicked for generating these details.
  3. For generating the list, the candidate must specify the district name and the administrative entity.

Details on website development

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has ordered the IT experts of the Commercial Tax Department to develop a portal for the purpose of information distribution. Apart from the portal, the IT specialists are also monitoring two distinct Facebook pages. The page that tracks the news and activities related to food distribution and home delivery is called Supply Mitra. The other page, named Annapurna, publishes details about the activities of the community kitchens.

The lockdown period is a crucial time for the government and the people of Uttar Pradesh. Common people are facing several issues, but the state government is coming up with new schemes, which can offer relief to the people in need. The Chief Minister said that he has ordered the field officers to go to every locality and note down the details of grocery stores and community kitchens. These details will be forwarded to the IT wing. They will upload the new information, and delete the names of stores, which are no longer in operation.

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