Urja Ganga Gas Pipeline Project

Urja Ganga Gas Pipeline Project

It is quite understood that the Modi Government wants to make India a fully developed country which is economically, socially and politically strong. From the time Narendra Modi has come to power he has launched a lot of projects and scheme for the benefit and development of the people of the country. Now one knows quite well that for any country it is important to have good energy source and structure as the economy of the country.

Urja Ganga Gas Pipeline Project

The Urja Ganga Project has been proposed in order to sort out the problem raised behalf of utilizing unclean and safe fuels. A lot of businesses and industries require fuel and it is one of the main elements of growth of any country’s economy. The current ruling party’s CM Mr. Narendra Modi recently launched the Urja Ganga project in Varanasi. A grand launch function was organized in Varanasi where Prime Minister Modi launched many development projects together. He talked but the budget that would be required for the project and said that project will be finished on a fast forward basis.

Urja Ganga Project Benefits

Under this project gas pipeline will be place in Varanasi that will provide piped cooking gas to the people of Varanasi. The project of placing the pipe line is supposed to be completed within the year 2020.

The gas pipeline which is purposed to lay underground would supply eco-friendly gas fuels for several thousand kilometers and it will cross above 5 cities in the eastern part of India. Once the project is completed the people of these cities will get gas supply in the houses. There is a lot of benefits that is being associated and expected from this project. The main fact is that the project will help in the renewal of many declining fertilizer industrialized units in these cities. Apart from houses getting natural gas directly, the gas pipeline would also help in the shift of vehicles in using CNG mode. This will include around half a million vehicles using CNF mode which will solve the fuel problem in the country.

The launch event of Urja Ganga project in the City of Varanasi

During the launch the NDA government also announced that they were keen on launching many other schemes and project that would aim at benefiting the families falling under the Below Poverty Line category. The launch event of Urja Ganga project held along with the stone foundation ceremony for second rail line electrification in between the routes from Allahabad to Varanasi.

Being a hometown of Indian Prime Minster Mr. Narendra Modi, the Varanasi city often listed in the headlines on getting various beneficiary schemes by current NDA government. On that list current Urja Ganga project gets added. And resident of the Varanasi would able to enjoy the uninterrupted gas pipelines connection which going to be laid by the GAIL (The Gas Authority of India Limited).

While addressing the people in the event, Modi said that his government is making all efforts to design the best scheme for the people of the country. He said the focus is now on making all the basic necessities available to all the people of the country. He also gave a grant of Rs.5000 crore for the people of Kashi.

Objective of the project

During the launch Prime Minister Modi said that the main objective of this project is to bring about development in the Eastern region of the country. The project will make possible the concept of providing reasonable PNG connections to the Indian households and CNG for vehicle. Here are some of the major and specific objectives of the project-

  • The first and the main objective of launching this project is to improve the living standards of the people of Varanasi by providing them with healthy cooking gas. This project will cover a lot of people and benefit them all as it include states like Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar and a few others.
  • With this Urja ganga project several thousands of households and vehicles which are running with LPG and CNG gases would be benefited under this project. The aim is to set up around 20 CNG stations for the vehicles to get rid of the diesel and petrol problem.
  • The objective of this project is also to reduce pollution. This will happen because the CNG vehicles will be promoted with the launch of this project. Also the economic will grow as CNG is much cheaper.
  • With the help of this project the many factories of Gourkpur will be revived and will also provide more employment opportunities for many people.

Important details about the project

  • As per the official’s statement, it has been notified as around 51 thousand crore was needed to lay gas pipeline under this project Urja Ganga project successfully.
  • The aim would be benefit the villagers around these cities as well and help all the BPL families in getting gas connections.
  • It has been announced that the first phase of the project will start in the month of December 2018. Once this happens the city of Varanasi will be transformed into a high profile city.
  • 800 kilometers of gas pipeline will cover Varanasi alone which means that the project would focus on the benefit of the people in Varanasi. In the coming 5 years this project would provide accessibility of LPG gas cylinders to around 5 lakh people.
  • It has been announced that in Uttar Pradesh a gas pipeline of covering a distance of 338 kilometers will be laid which will be enough for fulfilling the needs of the state. Then in Bihar a gas line of 441 kilometer will be laid which will include the rural areas as well. In Jharkhand the gas line will be of 500 kilometers. Then in West Bengal the distance covered by the gas line would be of 542 kilometers.

Specification for Varanasi

This project will benefit the people of Varanasi to the maximum. Here is the details about it.

In Varanasi the pipeline network of 800 inch will of steel due to its hard and durable nature. With the help of this around 20000 vehicles can be converted to the CNG mode which will come as a sense of relief for many people as CNG is much cheaper than petrol. Also all the families of Varanasi will get healthy cooking gas which is much better.

Future Plan

The Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) has already has the gas pipeline network of about 11,000 Km and with this Urja Ganga project the numbers would get raised rapidly. Similarly, in nearby future, GAIL plans to lay more number of gas pipelines across the nation as the extension of the current ongoing project Urja Ganga Project.

Though, experts has the second thought on considering the safety precaution while running a gas pipelines nearby the people area, still the safety protocols followed by GAIL is pretty much encouraging to experience the benefits availed behalf of laying those underground gas pipelines.


The launch of this project will surely lead to the progress and development of many Eastern Indian cities and mainly Varanasi. It is estimated that 6500 people will get better job opportunities with this project. Also the CNG that will be made accessible with this project will help raise employment opportunities in the Hotel and in Diary businesses.

Another most important benefitting factor of this project is that it will help in the reduction of pollution. When all these factors are taken into consideration, it can be said that the Urja Ganga Project comes will great scope and if executed well, it will benefit a lot of people.

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