UWIN Card 2022, Smart ID Card, Online Registration

UWIN Card 2022 (Smart ID Card, Full Form, Online Registration, Apply, Benefit, Download, Gujarat Benefits)

Considering the condition of workers in the unorganized sector, the Gujarat government is planning to come up with various scheme benefits. It is mainly to benefit the individuals by the implementation of different schemes. These are social, financial and financial security schemes that can help the workers and improve their condition in the best way possible. In this regard, the state government has come up with the initiative of the UWIN card. It is mainly to address the workers of the unorganized sector and help them get UWIN cards. By the help of the card, one can get different privileges to under and for this, every worker needs to register following simple steps online and get the benefits.

The details of the UWIN card and the process to register it are enlisted in the following part of the article. One should check the eligibility criteria to register and get the benefits as has been promised by the state government.

Uwin card online registration

UWIN Card 2022

Name of scheme UWIN Card
Scheme has been launched by Gujarat Government 
Beneficiary of scheme Unorganized worker sector of Gujarat 
Objective of scheme Offer benefits of different government schemes 
Year of scheme launch 2022
State in which scheme has been launched Gujarat 
Mode of scheme launch Offline or online 

Gujarat UWIN Card 2022 Important Elements

  • Main beneficiary of the scheme – The Gujarat government has come up with a UWIN card for workers belonging to the informal sector. 
  • Idea of the scheme – The main idea of the card is that the workers can benefit from the social security scheme or the similar programs planned and managed by SIC and EPFO.
  • Unique number of the scheme – The unique number under the scheme will work as identification proof of the informal sector worker. 
  • Purpose of worker’s database – Government is making the database to maintain the details of workers. 
  • Online registration – The beneficiaries can register for it on eNirman app or using the portal. 
  • Number of beneficiaries – A total of 47 crore workers are going to register for the scheme. 
  • Full form of UWIN card – The full form of the card is unorganised workers index card number. 
  • Planning of card – The planning for the card was done by Ministry of Labour and employment in 2014 as pet  unorganised worker’s social security act of 2008.
  • Beneficiaries of UWIN program – The informal sector workers have to be part of the UWIN program. 

For the success of the scheme, the Gujarat government has to allot a total of 402 crores, and it would help in the peaceful implementation of the scheme in two different phases. 

SECC Data For UWIN Card

Under the SECC 2011 database, there is family information and individual databases and details like income, property information, employment, and others relating to their family. The database will use the SECC database along with other details that are mainly handled by agents from the time of registration for the scheme and its validation for the same. Some of the important data to include in SECC are given in the following part:

  • Name of the person 
  • District code
  • Name of father
  • Gender 
  • Date of birth
  • State code
  • District code
  • Marital status 
  • Occupation and activity
  • Name of mother
  • Permanent address
  • Disability level of individual 
  • Main income source of a family 

UWIN Card Objective

  • Purpose of card – The objective of UWIN card is to create a database of informal workers to provide social security service. 
  • Benefit of the program – The UWIN program is sure to help in identifying the unorganised workers of the information sector. 
  • Information on card – The card will include family details and information such as members and details as it would help the government to launch different schemes from which the worker’s family can benefit. 
  • Importance of platform – The main idea of platform is to identify the skills of the workers and help them develop skills better that would help in their work in future. 

Therefore, with successful implementation of the scheme, a total of 15 crore families will be benefitted and they can get access to benefits of various government run schemes. 

UWIN Card Important Features and Benefits

  • The UWIN Card is mainly for the workers of informal sector and the initiative has been taken from Government of Gujarat. 
  • The card helps the workers to take help of social security schemes such as ESIC and EPFO.
  • The unique number helps in correct identification of a candidate who wish to register for the scheme. 
  • Government will maintain database of candidates who belong to informal sector. 
  • Under this scheme program, 47 crore beneficiaries would be benefitted. 
  • The state government has given a total of 402 crore for successful implementation of the scheme. 
  • The scheme would be implemented in two different schemes and it would help the beneficiaries to easily register for it and get the benefits. 

UWIN Card Eligibility

  • Residential proof – As the scheme has been launched by Gujarat government, only workers of the state are eligible to take part in the scheme. 
  • Age limit – The workers who are in between the age group of 18 to 60 years are eligible for the scheme. 
  • Category of worker – Only workers of unorganised sector are eligible for the scheme. 
  • Construction worker – The worker must work as building project and they should work as construction worker for less than 90 days in the span of last 12 months. 

UWIN Card Documents

  • Identification details – The candidate should offer correct identification proof such as passport size photo, email ID, mobile details and age certificate. 
  • Income details – One should furnish correct income certificate to justify their eligibility for the scheme. 
  • Domicile details – As only natives of Gujarat are eligible, it is important to furnish that the candidate is a native of the state while submitting essential documents at time of registration. Here one should give residence certificate. 
  • Bank account details – One has to furnish correct bank account details such as account number, IFSC code and others and get the benefit from scheme directly credited in the account.

UWIN Card Online Registration (Applying Procedure)

  • First, one has to apply to the official portal of the scheme.
  • From this, the home page would show up and you have to click on ‘register now’ option. 
  • The registration page would show up on the screen.
  • Here, you have to enter personal details such as full name, Aadhaar card details, birthdate, gender, email ID, mobile details, user type and captcha code.
  • After entering the details, click on the register option. 
  • This would direct you to the page where you have to enter the login credentials and give the captcha code. 
  • After this, you have to click on UWIN card. 
  • This would open up a new page. 
  • Now, it is time to enter the correct details on the page. 
  •  Here, you have to click required documents for the online registration under the scheme. 
  • After this, you have to click on submit option. 

This is the step following which one can register for the UWIN card and enjoy its benefits.

Login to the Official Portal for UWIN Card

  • One has to visit the official portal of Gujarat building and welfare board of construction workers. 
  • This would open up the home page of the scheme. 
  • On the home page, you will get the login section and enter the login credential along with code.
  • After this, you have to click on the login option. 
  • Following this, one can easily complete the login process to the portal of the scheme. 

UWIN Card Check Application Status Online

  • First, one has to visit the portal of construction workers and the welfare board. 
  • This would open up the home page of the scheme. 
  • As the home page shows up, one has to click on the application status option. 
  • Now, you have to give the details in the details given. 
  • Following this, one has to click on the status given. 
  • The details would come up on the screen. 

UWIN Card CSC Login Process

  • One has to go to the official portal of the welfare border. 
  • As the home page shows up, one has to click on CS login section. 
  • This will show a new page and on this, one should give the login credentials. 
  • After this, one has to click on the sign in details and give it. 
  • After following this, one has to click on the CSC login option. 

UWIN Card Employee Login Option

  1. First, candidate has to visit the official portal.
  2. It will open the home page and one has to click on the employee login page. 
  3. This would open a new page will open up. 
  4. Here, one has to use the login credentials. 
  5. After this, one can easily login to the page. 
  6. After this, one can easily complete the login process if they enter the correct details as asked. 

UWIN Card Download Mobile Application

It is easy to download application from the site using correct steps and the right site to get the application:

  • One has to go to official website of the scheme mentioned above.
  • The homepage would show up.
  • Here, you can click on the mobile application download option.
  • A new page would show up on screen.
  • On this, you have to go to install option.
  • As you click on the install option, it would start to download the application on the device.
  • After the installation is complete, make sure that you run it on the device to launch the app successfully and you can start to use it.

UWIN Card Contact Details Online

  1. Start by visiting the official portal under the Gujarat building and other construction workers welfare board
  2. This would open up the home page
  3. On this, you have to click on the ‘contact us’ option
  4.  This would direct to a new page and here you can view the contact details

By following these steps, one can easily get access to the details they require online, from the correct portal. One has to enter and furnish correct details to register under the scheme and enjoy the scheme benefits.

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