Vidyanjali Yojana Details | Apply | Selection Procedure | Eligibility

Vidyanjali Yojana Details | Apply | Selection Procedure | Eligibility | Teach Children Without Becoming a Teacher

Do you feel pity when you see the condition of our country’s government schools? Do you want to contribute to the education scene of country but have been held back by the high bar of working as a teacher in government schools? If you answered any of these questions in yes then a new scheme launched yesterday by the government may be an ideal solution. Yes – HRD Ministry is has launched a new scheme called “Vidyanjali Yojana” that’ll allow almost anyone to teach in a government school. Let’s learn more about it.

Vidyanjali Yojana Details

Vidyanjali Yojana

Basically this scheme is a school volunteer program launched by HRD Ministry that aims to increase the quality of education provided in government schools by taking help from private sector and community. Whether you’re a retired government employee, NRI, army personnel or even home maker, this program will allow you to teach your desired subjects at any government school of your choice.

Vidyanjali Yojana Aim

The quality of education that’s provided in most government primary schools of country is not hidden from anyone. And there’s also no shortage of people who want to improve education quality in those schools. Such people have been telling the government from long time about their desire to contribute to the education landscape of country.

So government has heard their request and has formulated this scheme in a manner that’ll connect people who want to volunteer with the schools that need their services the most. The scheme will particularly strengthen the co-scholastic areas of education in such schools, as government’s focus is on strengthening these areas in particular.

Vidyanjali Yojana Key Features

There’re some key features of the scheme that make it very special. For example:

  • Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria of scheme is not as stringent as it is for recruitment of regular government teachers.
  • Little-to-No Effect on Staff Recruitment: Since people providing their services under this program will be doing so on a voluntary basis, it won’t affect the regular recruitment of teachers. This has been clarified by government as it has stated that covering the basic curriculum of classes won’t be a responsibility of these volunteers – it will still be the responsibility of regular teachers only. Volunteers under the program will work alongside teachers and in any situation they won’t be substitutes for teachers.
  • Freedom of Subject/School: The volunteers can choose any subject or school of their choice according to their own interest or convenience, which will make it easy for them to provide their services.

With these features it can be assumed safely that it won’t be too difficult for people to take part in the scheme.

Implementation of Vidyanjali Yojana

Government has already started the implementation of this scheme in 2,200 government schools of 21 districts. The program will cover elementary level education (Class I – Class VIII) of children. Schools that want to participate in it must complete the following basic requirements:

  • Secure building with functional toilets;
  • Internet connectivity;
  • A full time Head Teacher;
  • At least one lady teacher if it’s a girls school or co-ed school;
  • PTR according to RTE norms.

Eligibility For Vidyanjali Yojana Volunteers       

The eligibility criteria for this program is not too stringent , but government has tried to ensure that people volunteers who teach are knowledgeable about their subjects. So it has put together an eligibility criteria, which is as follows:

Category Minimum Eligibility Criteria
Home makers High school
People from Indian Diaspora Class 12
Retired/working self-employed professionals Graduate

Who Will be Vidyanjali Yojana Volunteers?

Based on the above given information and eligibility criteria it becomes clear that they may be a pretty wide range of people. From local villagers to home makers to self-employed professionals to government servants to NRIs; the list may be endless. The scope of program is large enough to include a very diverse range of people.

How to Apply for Vidyanjali Yojana?

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned above and are interested in volunteering through this program, you can apply by following the steps given below:

  • Login to portal or mobile app. If you’re not registered on the portal or app, register yourself.
  • If any school in your area requires volunteers it’ll be listed on the portal/app. Select your desired school from your district/area and fill the application form.

You can download the mobile app from Play Store for your Android device or Microsoft Store for your Windows smartphone. Sorry iPhone users, no love for you!

Selection Procedure Vidyanjali Yojana

The application form that you submit will be reviewed by the Block Education Officer (BEO) of the area in which school is located. After going through your application the BEO and Head Teacher of school may give you the permission to join as a volunteer.

The minimum period for which you must provide your services is 12 days. Now how you stretch those 12 days will be up to you – you can complete your 12 days in two weeks or you can provide your services for one day of every week, which will stretch your minimum period to 12 weeks. After that you can request for an extension of your services by submitting another online application.

Vidyanjali Yojana Volunteers’ Responsibility

Since it’s a voluntary program, people who provide their services under it won’t be compensated. Their responsibilities may include educating children about any or all of the following, depending on their choices:

  1. Public speaking, acting, creative writing, music, dance or any other creative activities;
  2. Sports or any other entertainment activities;
  3. Yoga or any other health related activities;
  4. Preparing story books, models etc.;
  5. Counseling for professional or academic life.

Benefits of Vidyanjali Yojana

Availability of people with diverse academic and professional backgrounds in schools may lead to flow of new ideas and information among children, which is a critical first step for development. It can become a vital link in country’s education chain without increasing the financial burden of schools, and government knows it. Now it’ll be interesting to see how successful it remains in achieving that goal.

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