West Bengal Migrant Workers (Go From / Return) Registration Form Online at www.wb.gov.in

West Bengal Migrant Workers (Go From / Return) Registration Form Online at www.wb.gov.in, Helpline number, district list

The West Bengal government has announced that special trains will be operated after the lockdown is called off on the 3rd of May 2020. The purpose of these trains will be to bring back the migrant labors, and other residents of the state back. However, the extension of the lockdown posed a threat to the stranded migrant labors. After the central government’s announcement of running special trains for rescuing stranded migrant labors, students and others, the state government implemented the Migrant Labors Go From / Return Scheme in West Bengal. If you want to know more about the scheme, then read this article.

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme

Migrant Labors Go From / Return Scheme

Launched in

West Bengal

Launched by

Mamata Banerjee

Date of announcement

April 2020

Date of implementation

2nd May 2020

Target beneficiaries

Migrant labors, students, tourists

Supervised by

Government of West Bengal

Key features of the scheme

  1. Bringing migrant labors home – The primary objective of this scheme is to ensure that the permanent residents of West Bengal, which are in other states, can return home safely.
  2. Special transportation arrangements – The central government, in cooperation with the state authorities, and Railways, will run special trains to help these stranded people to get back to their homes.
  3. Other probable beneficiaries – Apart from the migrant labors, the scheme will pave the path for the return of the students, pilgrims, and tourists, which were trapped in other states, due to the sudden implementation of the lockdown.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Only for migrant labors – The development and implementation of this scheme has been done to ensure that the migrant labors get the opportunity to return back to their home states.
  2. For those interested in coming to West Bengal – The migrant labors, which are permanent residents of West Bengal, but are stranded in other states, can take advantage of this project.
  3. For those interested in leaving West Bengal – The migrant labors, which belong to other states, but are stranded in West Bengal due to the lockdown, can enroll and get the pass to go back to their home states.

Documents necessary for registration

  1. Residential document – The migrant labors, who desire to come to West Bengal, must offer permanent residential documents. If an applicant wants to go to his native state from West Bengal, then he must highlight such documents, which support his residential claims.
  2. Migrant labor certificate – It is mandatory for the applicants to give the details of their migrant labor certificate code for the purpose of verification.
  3. Fitness passes – Only those migrant labors will be allowed to get out of or come into the state who has received a fitness certificate from the medical committee.

How to get registration form and apply?

  1. Official website – It will be impossible for the migrant labors to opt for an offline application process. Thus, the state government has launched a separate portal, through which the interested candidates can register to come to or leave West Bengal. One must click on the Link to get to the website.
  2. Exit pass selection – When the site opens, the applicant will see a section on the homepage that is marked as ‘Inter State Exit Pass.’
  3. Activate the registration process – In the particular section, the candidate will get the
    Apply Now” button. The individual must click on this link to active the enrollment process.
  4. Registration for inter-state exit pass – Once the candidate click on the button, a new window will open that will assist in the generation of the exit pass. Here, the applicant must type in the mobile number and a password. Then, the candidate needs to click on the “Register / Apply”
  5. Preliminary registration – As soon as the candidate clicks on this option, it will trigger the site to open the digitized Migrant Workers Go From WB enrollment form. The applicant must type in his name and contact number.
  6. Verification – For initiating the verification process, the applicant must click on the “Send OTP” button. The OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  7. Application form – After the completion of the verification process, the applicant will gain access to the actual digitized form.
  8. Submission of details – The name, gender, age, travel date and time are some details that must be mentioned in the form. Along with this, the person must mention from where he is coming and his final destination in West Bengal. Additionally, there are some other details that must be filled in.
  9. Form submission – Once the different application form sections have been filled in, the candidate must click on the “Submit” button.

Obtain Return Form to West Bengal

Thousands of workers travel to the bigger cities, located in other states, from West Bengal in search of better employment opportunities. The Chief Minister has opined that it is the responsibility of the state government to bring these labors back to West Bengal. The individuals, who desire to come back to the state, must fill in the WB Migrant Workers Return Registration Form. On the official portal, the individual must click on the “go from” link. It will give the migrant labors access to the application document that must be filled in to get back to West Bengal from a particular state.

Containment Zones in the state

Name Of The District In West Bengal

Link To Obtain Containment Zone Details


Click Here

South 24 Parganas

Click Here


CLick Here

North 24 Parganas

Click Here


Click Here


Click here

Paschim Medinipur

Click here

Purba Medinipur

Click here


Click here

Purba Bardhaman

Click here


Click here


Click here


Click here

Helpline details

If an applicant has queries, or wants to gather more information about the scheme, then he/she can call on the toll-free COVID – 19 helpline numbers, i.e. 1800313444222 and 03323412600.

The first special train, carrying the migrant labors, has already reached West Bengal. The passengers and their belongings were sprayed with disinfectant solutions to kill any germs. Additionally, they were medically examined to ensure that they do not have the symptoms of Coronavirus. They were given some preventive medicines, and have been instructed to follow home isolation guidelines. The medical officers said that the health care workers in the respective areas will keep a tab on the health condition of these passengers. If anyone develops signs of Coronavirus, he/she will be sent to the quarantine facility immediately.

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