Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme in West Bengal 2022 (2 Lakh Loan for Unemployed)

West Bengal Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme 2021(Application Form Online, Eligibility, Loan Amount, Unemployed Apply Online)

The West Bengal Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme has been initiated by West Bengal government with the aim of improving the condition of the unemployed youth. With increasing number of unemployed youth, the loan amount sanctioned can help the job aspirants start income generating ideas. For the convenience of the beneficiaries of the above said scheme, they can access to the online source for details.

West Bengal Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme loan

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme

West Bengal Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme

Target group of the scheme

Unemployed candidates

Main objective of the scheme

Offer financial help to jobless candidates

Amount allotment for scheme implementation

Rupees 500 crores have been given to unemployed candidates of the state

Scheme has been launched in

West Bengal

Scheme has been supervised by

West Bengal State Cooperation Department

Loan amount sanctioned under the scheme

Rupees 2 lakhs to be given to unemployed youths

Key features of the scheme

  • Main aim of the scheme – The West Bengal Karma Sathi Prakalpa Scheme has been launched to help the unemployed create self-employment scopes. With the loan money sanctioned, the beneficiaries can start new business venture to earn a living from it.
  • Target group of the scheme – The scheme has been launched for unemployed youth of West Bengal.
  • Number of beneficiaries under the scheme – As per the scheme details, the state government will offer 1 lakh rupees loan with which they can start business venture and run successful enterprises.
  • Amount allotment to unemployed under scheme – Rupees 2 lakhs will be given to the jobless candidates. In addition to this, rupees 500 crores have been given by state government to help the unemployed.
  • Number of beneficiaries under the scheme – It has been estimated that near about 3 lakh youth will be benefitted in the coming three years.
  • Loan through cooperative bank – The loan amount will be offered through the cooperative bank to almost 1 lakh beneficiaries every year.

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Eligible criteria for the scheme

  • Legal citizens of West Bengal – As the scheme has been launched in West Bengal, only the legal residents of the state are allowed to avail the scheme benefits. Unemployed youth from other states cannot get the scheme benefits.
  • Income limit – Certain income limit has been set by the government and the candidate has to follow it when registering for the scheme. If their family income is within the given limit, they are eligible to attain the scheme perks.
  • Age limit – The candidate who wishes to enjoy the scheme benefits should be within a particular age limit that has been decided by the state government.
  • Identity details – The residents of West Bengal need to furnish identity proof details like Aadhaar card, Voter ID card and the like in support of their claim that they are the natives of the state.

Documents required for the scheme

  • Income certificate –The candidate should produce an income certificate at the time of scheme registration. The certificate will be scrutinized by the higher authority before the candidate is considered eligible for the scheme benefits.
  • Residential proof – The applicants need to produce suitable residential documents in support of the claim that they belong only to the state of West Bengal.
  • Identity certificate – The identification proof is required to ensure that only the candidates of West Bengal can avail the scheme benefits.

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Details of online application form for the scheme

The procedure of applying through an online form for the above-said scheme has been started for the convenience of the beneficiaries. The state government will invite online application form. For online applications, you have to go through the official portal of the scheme. It may happen that the state government is going to come up with another official portal pertaining to the scheme. As it is a newly launched scheme, the updates are yet to be declared by the state government. With this, the procedure of online application will also show up on the portal for the convenience of the beneficiaries.

Therefore, by the successful implementation of the scheme, it can improve the financial condition of the citizens in the rural and urban areas. With financial help, the candidates can start with their projects and earn good from the business venture.

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