Vaccine Certificate – Download process, Needs, Verification, Correction

What is the use of the vaccine certificate?

The vaccine certificate will contain the complete information of the individual, the date of each vaccine dosage, and the identification of the person. A correct certificate is important to have as you will be required to furnish it in different places as asked for checking purposes when entering the public office or traveling by airlines and others.

The dose for COVID-19 is monitored by the government of India and the information will be sent by the nearest covid centers where you can get the dosage. Some of the vaccines you can opt for are Covaxin, Covishield, and Sputnik. You will get the vaccine that will be available at the nearest healthcare center and it is mainly on the availability. Make sure to get the certificate after completion of both the dosage. The certificate is a step ahead for combating the spread of the disease and being safe. Due to this, vaccination and getting a certificate have become a mandatory thing for the citizens of India. 

Eligibility to get the vaccine certificate

  • Residential details – As the certificate is issued by government of India, only the natives of the state can get it
  • Dosage proof – The certificate is given to candidates only to candidates who have completed both the dosage of vaccine 
  • Correct details on certificate –The vaccine certificate would be valid for the ones who have a correct certificate, with valid details of vaccination and identification in it.

Therefore, one should carefully check the details on the certificate before they start using it in public places and preserve it for future use. Individuals will be granted permission in different places and permission for travel based on this vaccine certificate.  

Details Process of vaccination certificate download

It is better to have the vaccination certificate soon after completing two dosages and it is important to avoid the spread of COVID-19. You have to book the slot online from the website of Cowin and after this, you will get the date. Make sure that you reach the healthcare center allotted on the time slot given on the right date and get the vaccine. Soon after this, you will get the vaccination certificate. This needs to be furnished at the time of opting for the second dose of the vaccination and get the final certificate ready easily. For this, it is better to use the Cowin application for ease of getting the time slot and vaccine certificate and save it for different future use.  

What is the need of having a vaccine certificate?

As proof of being vaccinated, the vaccine certificate is a useful thing to get and you need to produce it in many places. It will have the complete information of the identity of the person, the name of the dose, and the date of vaccination. It would be useful when traveling to places and you have to show it to higher authorities as per the latest COVID-19 rules and restrictions. So, it is better to have the certificate ready and furnish it as and when required. Some of the places where the certificate is mandatory are:

  • Certificate is given after completion of first dose
  • Without certificate, an individual cannot opt for the second dose
  • If you need to travel abroad, the vaccine certificate is a mandatory document to furnish at the airport 
  • It is important to submit certificate for school admission of kids
  • The certificate needs to be produced to enter any public place
  • The certificate is a proof that you have completed both the COVID-19 dosage
  •  For pension sanction and get it approved, it is important to get the vaccine certificate
  • For government employees, it is mandatory to have the vaccine certificate

What are the steps to download vaccine certificate online?

  1. The first step is to visit the official portal at
  2. Now, you have to click on the sign in option
  3. Here, you need to give the registered number
  4. Now, you will receive an OTP in the registered mobile number
  5. Enter the same and the procedure would forward to the next page
  6. From here, you have to click on certificate option
  7. As it opens up, you have to select and download it for future use

What are the ways to verify online vaccine certificate?

  • You need to visit the official portal to find the certificate and verify it
  • Now, click on the ‘scan QR’ option that is shown on home page
  • Following this, you have to point the phone camera to scan the code
  • This will show the certificate within seconds
  • If the certificate is not correct, you have to click on ‘certificate invalid’ option to rectify it as required

How to make corrections in vaccine certificate?

  1. You need to start by visiting the official portal at
  2. Now, as the home page shows up, you need to enter the mobile number
  3. You will get OTP on the number and enter this on next step
  4. This would let you log into your account of vaccine certification
  5. Now, you have to click on ‘raise an issue’ option and then click on ‘certificate correction’ option
  6. This will let you make suitable changes in the certificate
  7. Now, other than the name, you can edit any of the two from photo ID, DOB or gender
  8. After making the necessary changes, you have to click on the ‘submit’ option

This is how you can make necessary changes in the vaccine certificate before you wish to download it and preserve it for suitable future use. Having a wrong certificate or wrong information in the certificate may not be valid using the certificate.

FAQ on vaccine certificate

1. What is the official portal to get the certificate?


2. Who is eligible to get the certificate?

ANS-Individual having both dosages of COVID-19

3. Which application is suitable to get the certificate?

ANS-Cowin application

4. How to register for the vaccination?

ANS- Using a mobile number

5. Is it possible to correct the information on the certificate?


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