Withdrawal Limit of PM Jan Dhan Yojana

PM Jan Dhan Yojana is a noble initiative for building a better India by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and promises a saving account for every citizen of India in order to reach the poor living in remotest areas.  PM Jan Dhan Yojana offers zero balance account and targets those working in unorganized sector that could not afford opening and functioning of a bank account and hence are deprived of banking products and services.

As per the scheme, financial untouchability is a grave concern to the nation and thus it is important to make every citizen of India self sufficient in terms of handling finances.  Having a bank account connects the individual to the system of economy and hence this scheme is quite relevant.

Some of the features of PM Jan Dhan Account are as below:

  • Each family in the country would have atleast a bank account that would help them save their earning and secure their future
  • A RuPay debit Card would be issued to every account under this scheme to withdraw money from the account
  • The account would be opened with zero balance and there is no minimum balance limit to be maintained in the account
  • Every account holder would receive a life insurance cover of Rs 30,000 plus an accidental cover of Rs 1 lakh
  • An overdraft limit of Rs 5,000 would be provided to every account holder
  • The withdrawal limit for the account is Rs 10,000 per month and an account holder can deposit as much as rs 50 thousand in the account.

A total of only 2 members can open PM Jan Dhan Yojana Account in their name.  The documents required for opening of the account are minimal and banks officials are quite supportive while assisting applicants in getting the account opened.

One of the best features of PM Jan Dhan Yojana is that there is no fee associated with the account and its operating.  It entirely free of cost and comes along with many benefits, listed above.

The point here is, there is no harm in having an account.  After all, it is one medium through which those working in unorganized sector can save their earnings and get benefit of other financial services offered through banks in times of need.

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  1. Bikash Panigrahi

    Dear Sir

    My Date of Birth 01/06/1991, I Am apply the Scheme??

  2. Sir I opened pmjdy account on August 2014 and at that time I am unable to receive my pin number for my rupay card.. So recently?(June 2015) I applied for repin.. Would I get my account atm pin or not.. Our corresponding dept manager said there will be chance to get pin but not sure.. So please clarify whether I will get my pin or not.. Thank you sir

  3. shreya sengupta

    in how many days will i receive the pin for my card? and can i access the atm’s of other banks??

  4. Is it possible to use internet banking under jan dhan yojana scheme ?
    and will internet transactions and rupay card payment count as withdrawal ?

  5. Dhiraj Kumar Adhikari

    I have not Addhar Card. Can I apply for Same

  6. I had missed to take Jan dhan account how can i get now..

  7. I have 5 lakh in my account how to withdraw it?

  8. what is the maximum amount deposited in the one year

  9. I have my account under this scheme and my brother from usa want to transfer few money on that account is it possible to receive that amount its within 20,000INR only.
    Plz reply fast

  10. I have lost my atm card of jan dhan account. Now i get a new atm card from the bank

  11. If I pay from debit card so there is some limitations on payment by debit card??

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