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YSR Adarsham Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2020 [Eligibility, Application Form Online Download, Vehicles Loan to Unemployed Youth]

Youngsters need jobs to earn a livelihood. But the job market in Andhra Pradesh cannot meet the demands. The launch of the YSR Adarsham Scheme is a smart move by the state government. The beneficiaries, selected by the state under this scheme will attain loan to purchase trucks. They can use these trucks to carry good and other items in the state. So, the youngsters will be able to join the transportation sector and earn revenue. In this article, you will learn about the several aspects of this scheme.


Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme YSR Adarsham Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by Jaganmohan Reddy
Date of announcement October 2019
Date of implementation Soon
Target beneficiaries Young and unemployed citizens
BenefitVehicles to Unemployed Youth for Self Employment
Supervised by Andhra Pradesh Well-Fare Department
Official Portal NA
Helpline Number NA

Key features of the AP YSR Adarsham Scheme

  1. Offering self-employment opportunities – There is shortage of jobs in the market. The Andhra Pradesh government desires to encourage youngsters to take the path of self-employment. It will not only reduce joblessness, but will also create job opportunities for others.
  2. Distribution of trucks – Under the scheme, the applicants will acquire loan from the banks. They can utilize the money to purchase good carrying trucks.
  3. Service sectors – The trucks, which the beneficiaries will get, will be used to carry sand, food and beverages and other perishable and non-perishable commodities.
  4. Lower transportation cost – Lack of proper transportation increase the charges of the merchandise carrying vehicles. When the number of such trucks increases, the charges will also come down. 
  5. Make commodities less expensive – The price of the commodities go up as lack of proper transportation cuts off the supply in the market. The scheme aims to streamline the transportation system. Thus, there will be adequate supply of commodities in the market, thereby bringing down the price of the merchandises.
  6. Number of vehicles to be distributed – The Andhra Pradesh authority has announced that after the implementation of this project, around 6000 beneficiaries will attain the keys of their trucks.
  7. Aimed revenue for the beneficiaries – The state government wants to help young people to earn their own living via self-employment. The official reports estimate that the beneficiaries will be able to make at least Rs. 20,000 if they utilize the opportunities properly.
  8. Committee for selection – During the announcement of this scheme, the CM highlighted that after all the application requests have been collected, it will be the responsibility of the selection committee to pick the eligible and deserving candidates. The selection committee will comprise of 8 members.

Eligibility Criteria to attain the benefits

  1. Residents of Andhra Pradesh – It has been highlighted in the scheme details that only the legal and permanent members of Andhra Pradesh will be allowed to apply and attain the benefits of this scheme.
  2. Unemployed youth – The scheme is only open for the youngsters of the state who are not associated with any job or business that provides a steady source of income.
  3. BPL category – This scheme is open for the candidates who belong to the financially weak BPL groups.
  4. Tribal community members – Tribal people, who come under the ST, SC and OBC categories, will also be allowed to apply and attain the truck. The same is applicable for members who belong to the Kapu Corporation.
  5. Minority community members – The CM has also mentioned that people who belong to the minority communities will also be able to register for getting the benefits of this scheme.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – All applicants must furnish their official residential documents, which highlight that the person is a citizen of this state.
  2. Identification proof – It is necessary for the interested scheme applicants to furnish a copy of their Aadhar cards so that the scheme officials can check the details.
  3. Caste certificate – As the scheme is for certain backward communities, interested applicants need to submit their caste certificates to highlight that they legally belong to SC, ST and OBC communities.
  4. Minority certificate – If the applicant belongs to any minority community, then it is necessary that the candidate submits the minority certificate that has been issued by the Andhra Pradesh government.
  5. BPL certificate – If the applicant belongs to the BPL category, then he/she needs to submit the BPL certificate as well.
  6. Transportation GST payment documents – Once the applicants attain the loan approval, they need to pay the state GST tax for the truck. During application, the payment slip that is issued by the state GST department must be submitted for scrutiny.
  7. Bank account details – The monetary assistance that the state government will offer via the banks, will be deposited in the beneficiary’s bank account. So, each applicant must furnish documents which highlight the bank account-related information.

How to get application form and register for the AP YSR Adarsham Scheme?

The state’s Chief Minister has only announced the new scheme. He has not declared any date for the official implementation of this self-employment scheme. It is also not clear how the interested applicants will be able to enroll for the trucks. However, one can safety suggest that the listed banks will play an important role in the implementation of this scheme as these financial institutions will scrutinize and pass the loan applications, submitted by the interested candidates. If you want to know more about this scheme, then stay tuned on our site. As soon as the state government makes any official announcements, we will update it on our portal.

The scheme has two pronged benefits for the people of the state. Apart from reducing the cost of transportation of several items and making them inexpensive, it will also help the marginalized and unemployed youngsters. They can apply through the banks and get their hands on the transportation trucks. It will also reduce the percentage of unemployment in the state, and encourage young residents to come into the transportation business. The scheme will help such candidates to become self-employed.

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