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[Apply] YSR Amma Vodi Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2019-20


YSR Amma Vodi Scheme Pathakam in Andhra Pradesh 2019-20 (Navaratnalu) [Eligibility Details, Application Form, How to Apply Online]

According to the 2011 Census report, it is clear that Andhra Pradesh has high proficiency rate. The general rate in the state is 67.02% and the people in the administration are making a decent attempt to decrease the rate of school dropouts consistently. In order to reduce the illiteracy as above said, the students’ welfare program started to initiate. The scheme is known as YSR Amma Vodi Scheme. The essential goal of the plan is to give monetary assistance to the mothers of students for their sake. This will guarantee that the families don’t constrain their youngsters to leave school because of a deficiency of money. The article would take you through further details of the above said scheme.

YSR Amma Vodi Scheme In Andhra Pradesh

Name of the scheme   YSR Amma Vodi Scheme
Scheme has been launched in   Andhra Pradesh
Scheme has been launched by Jagan Mohan Reddy
Preliminary announcement of the scheme in June 2019
Date of official launch of the scheme is January, 2020
Target beneficiaries of the scheme Mothers of school students
Scheme has been supervised by AP Education Department

 What are the key highlights of the plan?    

  • Development in the education sector

The principle target of the plan is to help to the overall education framework. The plan ought to be executed in the grass root level so the students can proceed with their higher education with no obstacles. For this, the students’ families ought to be helped monetarily as it would guarantee that they can send their kids to class for long.

  • Improved literacy rate

By successful implementation of the plan will be bringing the support to higher education sector of the state. Likewise, it is increasing each year.

  • Monetary assistance

The beneficiaries of this plan will be given rupees 15000 by the state government. Although,the amount of the money has not yet been fixed by the state governmentfor the students.

  • Monetary help to the mothers

For the effective improvement of the young students, education is required. A mother is supposed to be constantly energetic about giving the best education to their kids. In any case, in this plan, the moms would be engrossed themselves and in order to do that she needs to deal with her monetary issue to secure the fate of her child. The economic assistance will be offered legitimately to the mothers. In order to get that, the mothers need to apply for the plan in the for the sake of their children. Additionally, the mother needs to have a proper bank account to get the money from the state government. .

  • Reduce the percentage of dropout

The plan will help to decrease the financial issue. Along with that, the scheme urgesthe students to seek after their higher education without dropping out in the mid-year. Because of this plan, guardians don’t need to see their kid’s dropping out of school because of the monetary issue. It is believed that this scheme will help to reduce the school drop outs in the state.

  • Different types of schools

The benefits of the scheme will be provided to students who are studying in the government as well as non-government and private schools. This is done in accordance withthe rules set by the government for the scheme.

Andhra Pradesh Amma Vodi Scheme Eligibility Details

  • Residential proof – The essential criteriafor the plan is to be a lawful resident of the stateto get the money sanctioned the state government. The students must be resident of the state, and should go to school in the state. The evidence of the address must be submitted during the application process.
  • Students of the intermediate studies – At first, the benefits were limited to the high school candidates. Yet, the CM said that the intermediatestudents should get themonetarybenefits allotted in the scheme. Along with this, students, who are as of now in the middle of the studies will achieve the scholarship money. School papers, which demonstrate that the candidate is pursuing in intermediate, must be submitted.
  • Schools in the state – Only those candidates will be chosen as the recipients of the scheme, who are regular to the schools that are situated inside the state outskirts.
  • Regular school students – If the applicant student is regular in the school, only then the student will certainly get the monetary benefits of the plan.
  • Authentic bank account – The yearly monetary help will be straightforwardly given in the bank account that has been opened for the sake of the students’ mothers. The money will be guaranteedfor the development of the students’ health and education. Therefore the account is essential for getting the financial benefits fixed by the state.

Details of the enrollment for the scheme

After the plan is implemented, the state government needs to work on it to make it effective. The last date of enrollment has been fixed on 26th of January 2020. Prior to this, the enlistment strategy ought to be chosen. Apart from that, the government is yet to think about whether they will acknowledge the offline or online method of applying for the plan. In that case, the beneficiaries need to wait till the announcement is done by the government.

Lastly, by implementing the welfare program for the students, the scheme is believed to increase the literacy rate. It will eventually help the students to continue with their much needed higher education.

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