YSR Matsyakara Nestham Scheme AP 2022

YSR Matsyakara Nestham Scheme for Fishermen Welfare in Andhra Pradesh 2020 [Amount, Eligibility, Application Form]

To improve the condition of fishing in Andhra Pradesh, which is among the important fishing hubs in South India, no welfare steps have been taken as of now. Bringing a change in the current scenario of the fishing hub, the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has proposed for YSR Matsyakara Nestham scheme. The main target of the scheme is to help fishers of the state. With the promised financial assistance, the fishermen will be able to live a stable life even during the non-fishing seasons. The following article highlights some important information relating to the above-said scheme. 


Launch details

Name of the scheme 

YSR Matsyakara Nestham Scheme AP

Scheme has been launched in 

Andhra Pradesh

Scheme launched by 

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

Date of announcement of the scheme

Oct 2019

Date of implementation of scheme 

OccasionWorld Fisheries day

Scheme has been supervised by 

Fisheries Department of Andhra Pradesh Government

Target group of the scheme 

Fishermen of the state 

Highlighting features of YSR Matsyakara Nestham scheme

  • Main objective of scheme – The main focus of the scheme is to help fishermen of the state development. As it is becoming difficult for fishermen to make both ends meet with traditional fishing practices, the scheme will offer financial help for betterment and security of fishermen. 
  • Financial help given to fishermen – The scheme has promised yearly financial help to fishermen. As per the scheme rules, rupees 10000 will be given during the non-fishing seasons. With this help, the fishermen can think of a better life away from poverty. 
  • Monetary help during non-fishing seasons – There has been a reduction in fish population and to make the situation stable, financial help will be given. This will help in better production of fish. Even for the growth of fish, all fishing activities are banned for 60 days by the state government. Again, the activities start from the April and continue till 14th. However, the beneficiaries will be given rupees 4000 during the conservation period as suggested by the state government. 
  • Inclusion of Catamaran users – The fishermen who use catamarans are allowed to avail the benefits of the above-said scheme.
  • Subsidies to be given on diesel price – There are some fishermen who use diesel for running boats that are used to catch fish. It has been found that needy fishermen are unable to arrange for the diesel. In such cases, the scheme will give subsidy for diesel and it has been increased by 50% for the help of fishermen.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Residential proof – As the scheme has been introduced in Andhra Pradesh, only the permanent residents are allowed to take the scheme perks. Fishermen from other states cannot avail the benefits. 
  • Registered fishermen – The fishermen should be registered with fishermen’s association in order to get the financial benefit under the scheme.  
  • Fishermen only – As the scheme is a well-planned one for improvement of the status of the fishermen, only the registered fishermen can get the benefits. The fishermen should be part of the fishing community. 
  • Bank account details – The fishermen should have an active bank account. Also, it should be linked with Aadhaar account as the beneficiary amount will be directed credited to the bank account. It shall help the state authorities to submit the grant money under the scheme. 

Documents required –

  • Residential documents – Fishermen who wish to avail the perks of the above said scheme, should provide suitable residential proof. Only the legal and permanent residents of the states can become part of the scheme. 
  • Identification details – The interested fishermen should provide Aadhaar card. These identification documents will be checked by the higher authorities for the claim made by the applicants. 
  • Registration certificate – In order to get the benefits of the scheme, the applicants have to produce official registration certificates which are only issued by the Fishermen Association.
  • Registration of fishing boat – If the fishermen use his fishing boat, he has to submit a registration copy of his boat. Only then, the fisherman can receive benefits as promised under the scheme.  
  • Bank account details – The financial grant as given to fishermen will be submitted in the bank account of the fishermen. Therefore, fishermen should submit bank account documents like passbook, account number and provide IFSC code and other important details 

How to opt for registered form and apply for the scheme benefits?

As the above-said scheme is a recently announced one by the Andhra Pradesh state government, the registration form and the steps of application are yet to be declared by the government. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it. Only, it has been mentioned that the higher authorities of the state will be responsible for checking the authenticity of the documents submitted by the applicants. To get the details, the applicants can keep an eye on the official portal of the scheme.

The fishermen try their best to implement modern fishing techniques and maintain livelihood. With more fish, they can make more money if they can get a suitable price of the fish in the market. However, with the decline in the number of fish production make it difficult to maintain a livelihood. However, it can be expected that the condition of fishermen is going to change with the implementation of the above-said scheme.

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