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Hello my dear readers. You all have being like a pillar of support for last four years. I realized it was time that I thanked you properly. You must know by now that I have been publishing blogs on government schemes for the last four years. The journey was not smooth to begin with. It took me about four years to finally purchase this domain officially. In this column, I will give you a peek at how it all started.

Who am I,

My name is Swatantra Agarwal, and I am just a common Indian citizen like most of you. I completed my mechanical engineering studies, and then joined an IT company like most others in my batch. Now that I have completed 31 years of my life, I realized that there are other things that one can do which will help majority of the people. I liked working as an IT professional but I did not want it to become my only identity. Thus, I started writing blogs with intent of making a mark in this sector.

Why this domain and Niche

As mentioned, I was leading a typical IT executive’s life, which put enough money in my pocket, but did not give any constructive purpose that could entice me. The Congress government fell after the 2014 election in the country. The BJP was under the leadership of Narendra Modi. His charismatic presence and the promise “Acche Din” swayed the support of Indian citizens on his side. After the election results were out, BJP was able to form a government at the center with majority of the seats. There were no extra points for guessing that India would find a strong PM in Modi.

As promised in the election manifesto, Modi government started working on the development of the schemes, which would offer benefits to all sections of the people, especially the poor and needy. A number of schemes were announced by the respective department. My parents used to keep their eyes glued to the television news to learn more about these schemes. When I sat down to talk with them about these projects, I realized that they did not have a clear picture about most of the schemes.

I took out time and researched about these schemes from all possible sources. When I described these to my parents in simple terms, they seemed to understand it easily. The seed of starting a blog was planted in my head by my parents. They said that if I could explain these seemingly complex scheme details seamlessly to them, then I must use my gift to educate other as well. The best way to reach out to millions was by creating your own blog. Thus, I choose this subject, and put my best foot forward to take up the challenge.

What Does this blog Contain.

As mentioned, the blog was supposed to help common people with a clear idea about the various developmental schemes, which were being launched by PM Modi, after he came to power. While writing the blogs on the scheme I realized that some of these projects were updated versions of old schemes. It prompted me to write about those schemes as well. After covering the programs, which were designed, developed and implemented by the central government, I turned my attention towards the schemes, which were launched by the different state governments as well.

I realized that if common people found it difficult to understand the central schemes, people in the state would be going through the same issue. Thus, I took up some of the biggest state government schemes to test the waters. The response was amazing and beyond my expectation. Thus, I took up the challenge of publishing blogs, which highlighted the features, eligibility and application process of these schemes. I figured that is people don’t get information about these main aspects, then they will never understand or get the benefits of these projects.

Then the Modi government announced the new of demonetization to curb spread of black money. It seemed an impossible task, but Modi’s planning made it possible. During this time, many of my blog readers asked me to write about demonetization in simple terms. As it was a sudden bolt from the blue, many people lacked proper knowledge of demonetization. I was more than happy to fulfill the demands of my readers.

How Many People are associated with this blog

There is no point in creating something if you don’t get people to appreciate it. Thankfully, I cannot complain in this matter. When I started writing the blogs about the central government, I was unsure about the response I will get. The first few days were slow. After that the inflow of traffic stated increasing steadily. As more and more people shared the link, it became clear to me that many people in the country are interested to acquire more information about the schemes that PM Modi was launching. So, I must say that without the support of the readers by my side, I would not have come this far. My readers fall in the first category of people who played a massive role in making this blog successful.

It is possible for me to take only so much pressure. As my readers started sending requests to write about more schemes, and also highlight the updates, which have been made in the already existing blogs, it became clear that I require experienced and dedicated helping hands to help me with the blogs. My team currently consists of 4 writers who slog all day, and keep an eye on all scheme related matters. Every time the central or the state government launches a new scheme, my writers make it their mission to gather detailed information about every aspect of the respective scheme. Without the support of my writers, the blog would have perished long back. Apart from information on the new government schemes, they keep a close watch on the plans of the government on updating old schemes. When the writers are busy penning down the details of any scheme, the material is checked by another member of our team, the editor. My editor is also well-versed in the art of search for information. He is aware of all changes, and helps the writers, whenever they require any assistance. These five people are no less than my extended family, who ensured the continuous success of the blog.

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