RuPay card in Jan Dhan Yojna

RuPay card Benefit, Difference b/w RuPay Card from MasterCard and Visa

The successful launch of RuPay Card has been one of the significant steps in financial inclusion in India. It can be considered as part of domestic payment methods. These modes of payments are introduced and developed in our country due to the influence of MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club Discover, and American Express. Previously, the payment network was dominated by the international method of payment.

But with the launch of the RuPay Card, the financial inclusion in the domestic has been able to promote. It is a sign of financial growth for the country as people are opting for RuPay Cards over other international choices. Among the international choice, Visa and MasterCard are the only options that ease debit card transition in the country. Read on to know more about the reasons for choosing RuPay Card over other variety of cards available.

The popularity of the PM’s Jan Dhan Yojna can be evaluated from the fact that it has been registered in Guinnees Book of World records. To add more to its benefits, the government has passed a provision of RuPay debit card. It can be seen as an India’s answer to world’s top most transaction processing cards.

RuPay Card Jan Dhan Yojana

  1. Easy transaction and processing fee

The payment and processing charges offered for the international mode of payment is high when compared with RuPay Card. Since domestic transactions take place via RuPay Card, a low rate of transaction cost is taken. The settling cost for RuPay Card is lower and these can as 2/3rd of the payment that is charged for foreign cards. For example, when making a transaction of rupees 2, 000, the foreign cards would charge rupees 3.25, whereas it is rupees 2.50 when made through RuPay Card.  

The bank charges are 45 paise per transaction along with 90 paise, and these are charged in e-commerce platforms. Other than this, Old Visa cards or MasterCard takes a different charge depending on the transaction for which the card is being used. In case of a debit card or credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa, higher transaction cost would be taken in case of a higher value of the transaction. However, the processing charges for transactions are lower when it is done with the help of RuPay Card.    

  1. Waiving of Fuel surcharge

A high rate of fuel surcharge is given when payment is made through this card. Other than this, the platinum RuPay card offers surcharge of 1% every month depending on the payments done. This is done on fuel purchases in any petrol station in the country. When the fuel purchase is done with the help of international cards, a higher rate of fees is charged.

  1. Beneficial for train travelers

The train travelers can avail surcharge waiver. Due to this, the travelers get cash back of rupees 25. In order to avail this facility, the travelers have to book the tickets through the website of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. But, it should be a minimum transaction of rupees 300 in order to get the cash back. However, travelers cannot get this benefit when making the payment with the help of MasterCard or Visa card.

  1. Insurance benefits

Accidental insurance benefit has been extended by the central government when using RuPay Cards. To get such benefits, the person should do one financial or non-financial dealing in the past three months via the ATM. In addition to this, online e-commerce transaction would also be considered. However, in case of such situations, the person involved in such transactions will be given an amount of rupees 2 lakh as the insurance coverage. Again, this benefit is not extended to the users of Visa debit cards or MasterCard.         

  1. Benefits of paying utility bills

RuPay Card can be used to make monthly bill payments. Due to this, the customer would get discount of 5% cash back. Therefore, if the payment is done through HDFC RuPay Premium Debit Card, the person will get 5% discount for every rupees 100. Therefore, electricity bill, water bill, gas bill payment can be done by using this card.

  1. Advantage of getting free access to airport lounges

With the help of RuPay Card, the user is able to get free service to the lounger located the domestic airport. In addition to this, when using RuPay Platinum debit card from Punjab National Bank, the user would get the privilege of access two lounges across 25 airports in the country on a quarterly basis. In this category, airports of Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and others are included.

The above mentioned differences are enough to grab a fair idea about the benefits of using RuPay Cad over other international cards. So, the RuPay Card is a significant launch making domestic payment an easy affair. This has been launched by National Payments Corporation in 2012 26th March. With successful launch of the card, it can be used in online shopping, ATMs and in this way, it been gained boarder recognition.

The issues related to RuPay card is dealt by National payment cooperation of India. It was designed to have a native and a multilateral system of transaction processing in India. It helps the user and the banks in following way:

  1. Faster processing of transactions: Since all the transactions will be taking place through domestic means within India, the processing will pace up.
  1. Lesser processing fee: Again, since all the transactions will be taking place within India through RuPay, there will be lesser processing fee per transaction that will be beneficial for the banks and the users as well.
  1. Cost:These cards are quite affordable. Thus it allows the card technology and the banking facility to reach remote villages.
  1. Acceptance in ATM’s and other transaction portals: RuPay card is accepted widely in over 1.45 lakhs ATM’s. Over 8.75 lakhs POS terminals allowed its use and over 10000 e-commerce sites use this card.
  1. Customized products and services: Since RuPay card is a domestic card, it offers a variety of benefits to the Indian users. A large range of customized products and services are being offered for the native consumers.
  1. Protection of Indian citizen’s privacy: All the transactions through RuPay card are limited to India only. Thus all the consumer data related to the transactions and transaction history will reside to India only.
  1. No issues about quarterly processing fee: RuPay is issued by a government body that allows various banks to use its services without any extra quarterly processing fee.

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  1. thanks Dr. Sharma, for all informations.
    I had applied for PMJDY account in SBI, on 20.01.2015, and received passbook from SBI Dhakuria Branch (code 1405) on 06.02.2015. My account no. 34622260336. CIF no. 88140997098.
    *My phone number & email ID is not printed on passbook.
    *Yet I have not given any Rupay card.
    My question is 1) would I get benifits of insurance ? 2) would I get Sms alart on my phone. 3) How to get a Rupay card & pin number.

    Debasis Sengupta.

  2. I want to transfer my account in Jan dhan yojna account… In which bank I need to ask for Rupay card?

  3. In which bank I need to ask for Rupay card?

  4. when i get my rupay card as i have open my account in central bank n not get yet rupay card after 60 days . so i like to know when i get that.

  5. i want my rupay cart atm . How can i find it

  6. I have not received my rupay card yet

  7. i have open my account in IDBI bank , i got the account number , also received the ATM Pin through post , in feb 2015 , but till now i have not received Cheque book , rupay debit card . my question is when will i receive my rupay debit card

  8. Veerabhadraiah K V

    I had opend my PMJDY account in Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank, Kalludi Branch, Gowribidanur. on 26-12-2014. This Bank comes under Canara Bank.and received passbook from PGB Kalludi Branch (IFSC Code: PKGB0010899) My account no. 10899101034040.

    1) Yet I have not given any Rupay card.
    2) How to get my Rupay Card. and what to do
    3) would I get benifits of insurance ?


  9. I had opend my PMJDY account in State Bank Of Patiala,Bathinda, Punjab. on 20-01-2015. and received passbook from State Bank Of Patiala My account no. 65223200866, Name Ajay Singh

    1) Yet I have not given any Rupay card.
    2) How to get my Rupay Card. and what to do
    3) would I get benifits of insurance ?

    Ajay Singh

  10. debasis sengupta

    yes, now I have got the rupay card.

    I have got the LPG subsidy on my account

    but how to get the pin number ……

    Debasis Sengupta

  11. though i have got my rupey card i didnot got my pin so how to get it


    sir does illiterate persons are eligible for issuing of RuPay Debit Card under PMJDY scheeme

  13. Dear help team,
    I am Ashish Shaw , im open a bank account in pmjdy scheme , can you tell me how can i am connect my mail ID with this account .

  14. SayedMahdi Hasan

    Dear help team
    I have openend my account I have receive passbook &ATM.but I have not got ATM pin.please tell me about it

  15. sir
    rupay card online kam ni karta,dusri company ka atm card bank de ni rhe .
    to mai kya karu ab

  16. Dear help team
    I have opened my account 18 months back. I have received passbook .But I have not got ATM & Pin.please tell me about it

  17. sir, i booked one phone but if there is a chance to come conformation
    message to my phone number but I seen the confirmation screen in booking process

  18. i have account in sbi but after some days not able to any transactions it says uses limit exceeded i m not understanding what to do ?? plz help me

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