Kanya Vidya Dhan Yojana

Kanya Vidya Dhan Yojana

At present, there has been a real awareness among people for the prevention, safety and security of girl child. We just wished if it would have come a bit earlier, so many girl lives would not have been wasted date. However, being a country with a considerable number of female foeticide, the Indian government has decided to take up immediate steps for the ban of girl child abortions. Apart from that, the government has also come up with excellent schemes and programs to help a family bear the cost of education for a girl child. And in such an attempt, UP Kanya Vidya Dhan has been formatted. This is a really great initiative for the benefit of a girl’s education.

The scheme is also known as KVD. This offers the scholarships for the families of those girls who are below poverty level. In India a huge number of women have the capability to achieve something in life but they are not being nurtured properly. This is why he scheme has been formatted. For those women who have the skill and ability to achieve something but do not have the financial support will now have the scholarships from KVP. But only those girls shall be liable for the scholarship who have cleared the UP Madhyamik Board and have proper certificates for it.

Kanya Vidya Dhan Yojana

Distribution of forms

This will soon be available on the website and you will be able to apply for the scholarships online. Education is really important for girls since this helps themselves to make them independent. Within this scheme, the girls shall be admitted within the ITI courses and Trade Examinations after they have completed class 12. The girls, who have already completed class 12, can apply online and they can pursue their studies after 12th. The application forms shall be made available within every district of UP and even if the online applications are not accessible for everyone, the offline application forms shall also be distributed from certain institutions within different districts.

Change in proposition

The government shall offer fess for the education of such capable girls and it will be applicable specifically for those families who are within the low income groups and cannot provide for the education of girls. There are also discussions going on for extending the scope of this scholarship. Earlier this scholarship was applicable for the girls who passed from the Uttar Pradesh board, but now it will be made available for those girls who have passed from Secondary Sanskrit Education Board or the Madrasa Board.

A tabular overview

SL NOFacts to Know Brief Details
1.Established in the year2004-05
2.Amount to be givenRs 30000 for each girl who passed the intermediate
3.Annual BudgetRs 300 crore
4.Total number of girls to benefit1 Lakh
5.Initial proposed outlayRs 28184 Lakh
6.The boards coveredUP board, CBSE and ICSC board

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