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Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi MP | State Illness Assistance Fund (SIAF) (http://www.health.mp.gov.in/siaf.htm)

Madhya Pradesh state government has started a new scheme for the poor people of the state regarding medical treatment. Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi scheme in MP has started to treat poor people who are suffering from serious diseases like cancer and equivalent. Under this scheme people who are living below the poverty line will get medical help free of cost in any leading hospital across the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi MP

Launch details

The scheme Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi has launched in the year 1997 by the then Chief Minister of the state. This year in 2017, the scheme has started medical camps in various places in Madhya Pradesh where people can go and get health checkups.

Key Features

  • Objective: The main objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the people who belong to below poverty line for serious illness. Those who are unable to bear cost of medical treatment will get benefitted from the scheme.
  • Diseases listed: There are 20 diseases listed under the scheme. As mentioned only serious diseases will be considered in the scheme, they are majorly related to surgical or such issues. Cancer, renal surgery, renal transplantation, cancer surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, retinal detachment, hip joint surgery, knee replacement, complicated child delivery, heart surgery, head surgery, spinal surgery, pacemaker, neuro surgery, brain surgery, breast surgery, congenital malformation and so on are the diseases listed under the scheme.
  • Financial Assistance: The scheme offers financial assistance to the patient according to their health condition and seriousness of the disease. Minimum of Rs. 25, 000/- and maximum of Rs. 2, 00, 000/- will be paid to the hospital or medical centre where the patient is referred to.

How this works:

There are various camps in the state. The patients/applicants are needed to visit the camp for health checkups. The doctors in the camp will check them up and will be referred to the hospitals where they can continue with the further treatment. There will be leading hospitals in and out of Madhya Pradesh under the scheme. Hospitals such as Apollo, AIIMS in Delhi, Medanta and such institutes will be attached with the scheme for the treatment.




Package Details

There are multiple packages that the scheme is offering for the patients. They are:

Medical Issues Treatment Packages (Rs.)
Cancer Cancer Myeloid Leukaemia 2, 00, 000/-
Blood Cancer 1, 50, 000/-
Cancer Leukaemia CML 1, 50, 000/-
Acute Myeloid 2, 00, 000/-
Brain Tumour 50, 000/- – 2, 00, 000/-
Breast Cancer 50, 000/- – 1, 00,000/-
Gall Bladder Cancer 45, 000/- – 75, 000/-
Ovarian Cancer 1, 00, 000/-
Sarcoma Cancer 1, 00, 000/-
Urinary Bladder 75, 000/-
Heart Cardiac Surgery 8500/- – 97, 000/-
Bypass Surgery 1, 00, 000/-
ASE 80, 000/-
Complex Constitutional Heart 90, 000/-
Two Wall Replacement 1, 65, 000/-
Pacemaker Implant 55, 000/-
Others Kidney Transplant 1, 50, 000/-
Kidney Transplant Medicines 50, 000/-
Knee Replacement 99, 000/- (for each knee)
Hip Replacement 81, 000/-
Swine flu C Category 80, 000/-



  • Resident: The applicant must be the resident of Madhya Pradesh. Migrants, refugees or any other person living for work or any other purpose in MP will not be eligible for the scheme.
  • Below Poverty Line: The applicant/patient must belong under the poverty line. The scheme has launched to facilitate poor people who can’t afford expensive treatment for serious illness. Only BPL card holders will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Diseases: As mentioned there are 20 diseases listed under this scheme, people who are suffering from these diseases will only be eligible to take the scheme. Suffering from other diseases will not be considered.


To register under the scheme there must be some documents that are required to submit.

  • Firstly medical reports of the patient / referred person about what disease he/she is suffering from.
  • The person is required to submit his/her BPL card or related papers to prove they belong under poverty line.
  • Also ID proofs like Aadhaar and such will be needed to register for the scheme.

How to Get Application Form

There is no online registration for this scheme. Some of the state government offices are giving away forms for the scheme across the state. People can visit the place to take the forms. The places are: District Hospitals, Office of District Chief Medical and Health Officer, Office of the District Collector and Office of District Civil Surgeon. These are the places where the application forms are available.

Application Process

  • There are few steps through which the application is being processed for each of the applicant. Firstly the applicant has to submit the filled up application in the name of the Director of Public Health and FW to the district office of collector.
  • After submission of the form to the collector, the collector will provide a residential certificate and the BPL card in the name of the applicant to the patient. There will be some verification before issuing the mentioned papers.
  • After giving away the residential certificate and BPL papers the application will be forwarded by the collector to the civil surgeon of the district. The civil surgeon will be responsible for mentioning the disease and the amount of grant is needed for the treatment. There must be mentioned about the economy class in the application form.
  • In the next step the application form will be sent to the Secretary of State Illness Assistant Fund. The secretary will scrutinize the application whether the information are best fitted with the guidelines of SIAF or not.
  • After the proper scrutiny, the application will be sent to the subcommittee under the Department of State Health and Family Welfare. Once the management is convinced with the information entered in the form, they will give the final nod to the grant.

Application Status

After applying for the scheme one can check the status of the application. There are three tiers or categories of application status, they are:

  • Rejected: Those who don’t fall under the guidelines of the scheme or do not fulfil the terms and conditions will be rejected.
  • Evaluation: In some special cases disease or treatment details are sent to the medical colleges and institutions for further study.
  • Accepted: Under this section, the accepted applications are being considered.


The total budget for this scheme was set at Rs. 10 Cr. The state government has approved this amount for the camps and the treatment of the patients under this scheme.

Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi is one of the most helpful schemes in the state of Madhya Pradesh, especially for the people who are unable to afford expensive treatment. This scheme will help them to continue with the treatment in best and leading hospitals in and out of MP.

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