[1000rs] Sneher Parash Scheme in West Bengal (Download Mobile app) 2021

Sneher Parash (Paras) Scheme in West Bengal (Relief Money to Migrant Worker) 2020 (1000 rs for Bengali workers in other states, Pocket Money, DBT, How to apply/register, Eligibility, Amount, Migrant Worker Labour, Mobile App APK Download Android Install Online, FAQ, Last date)

The number of COVID – 19 positive cases in West Bengal is on the rise. However, the stringent implementation of the lockdown guidelines, with the help of law enforcement department has kept the figures from skyrocketing. Four districts have already been declared as COVID Red Zones by the central and state health departments. The West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee has ordered the law enforcement department to seal those areas, and restrict the movement of people in these areas. Many locations in Kolkata, the capital of the state, have been sealed off. However, the condition of the migrant labors, which have traveled to other states, will not be able to come back to West Bengal before 3rd May 2020. The CM has announced a new relief program, Sneher Parash Scheme for such people.

Sneher Parash Scheme in West Bengal
Name of the schemeSneher Parash Scheme
Launched inWest Bengal
Launched byMamata Banerjee
Date of applicationApril 2020
Start date20th April 2020
last date3rd May 2020
Target beneficiariesMigrant labors
Implemented byDepartment of Finance, West Bengal Government

Key features of the scheme

  1. Assisting needy people – The primary aim of West Bengal government is to ensure that the migrant labors do not stay on empty stomachs, due to scarcity of money.
  2. Financial assistance of migrant labors – The development of this project has been done with the aim of offering monetary grant for the migrant labors, which are trapped in other states.
  3. Monetary assistance – The scheme guidelines highlight that the beneficiary will receive Rs. 1000 as grant.
  4. Frequency of payment – As of now, the state finance department has decided to offer the financial assistance as a one-time payment.
  5. Payment mode – The Chief Minister of West Bengal has said that the beneficiaries of this scheme will get the financial aid directly deposited in their bank accounts.
  6. Application process – The state government has decided that the application process will be online. It will be convenient for the migrant labors. The online enrollment process is fast and paperless as well.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Residents of the state – If an applicant desires to become the beneficiary of this scheme, then he/she must be a legal resident of West Bengal.
  2. Must be migrant labors – The scheme will offer the financial perk to those applicants who work as labors in other states.
  3. Must be registered – It is necessary that the migrant labor has a registration license that has been issued by MGNREGS association.
  4. Must have bank accounts – The scheme guidelines highlight that the applicant must have access to his/her authorized bank account. The money will be deposited through DBT process.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof – A photograph of a document that supports the residential claims, must be attached as well.
  2. Identification proof – The candidate must upload a snap of his/her Aadhar card or voter card with the application form.
  3. Migrant labor’s certificate – It is mandatory that the applicant uploads a snap of the registration certificate, provided by the Association for Migrant labors.
  4. Bank account details – The applicant must highlight the name of the bank and the branch, where he/she has an account. Apart from this, he/she needs to provide the account number, IFSC code and the branch code.

How to apply through the online portal?

  1. Online portal – The migrant labors can log in on the official website of West Bengal Finance Department by clicking on the link
  2. Obtaining the application form – When the main page of the site opens, the candidate needs to click on the Download option under Sneher Paras section. It triggers the site to generate the enrollment form.
  3. Mentioning the necessary details – The migrant labor must type in the name, address and the bank account details in the respective fields.
  4. Uploading documents – The snaps of ID documents and bank account details must be uploaded with the registration form.
  5. Information verification – Once the application form has been submitted, the details will be sent to respective district magistrates in West Bengal. It is the responsibility of these officials to check and verify the authenticity of these details.
  6. Transferring the financial grant – If the verification process yields positive results, the DM will prepare the beneficiary list. The monetary grant will be deposited in the beneficiary’s bank account immediately.

WB Sneher Paras Mobile App Download (Android)

The West Bengal government has also launched the Sneher Parash Scheme mobile app. It will make application process easy for the migrant labors. The app is compatible with the Android OS phones. An interested applicant can search for the official app from Google Play store. One can generate a search with the name of the app. After that, the app download and application processes can be initiated by clicking on the app logo.

How to download the app from official portal?

  1. One can log in on the official portal of West Bengal government, click here.
  2. On the home page, there is a tab that is marked as “Sneher Parash.”
  3. When the applicant clicks on this tab, he will get access to the “Download” option.
  4. Clicking on this option triggers the site to initiate the app downloading procedure.

How to apply for the scheme through the app?

  1. Complete the app download

    The links, mentioned above will give the applicant access to the app and will start the downloading process.

  2. App activation

    After the application has been downloaded, the applicant must active the app on the mobile.

  3. App registration

    Once the app has been activated, the person must type in the mobile number. It will complete the registration of the app.

  4. OTP verification

    Once the mobile number registration is complete, the person will get an OTP via SMS. It must be typed in the correct slot for verification.

  5. Application guidelines

    After the verification, the app will bring up the registration guidelines, and scheme related details.

  6. Application

    The applicant needs to click on the button that is marked as “Apply Now.”

  7.  Verification mode selection

    It will trigger the app to bring up a page where the applicant must select the ID verification mode.

  8. Access the registration form

    Once the applicant has selected the ID verification mode, he must click on the button, marked as “Save and Proceed.” It gives the applicant access to the digitized registration form.

  9. Form fill-up and submission

    The candidate needs to fill in the digitized registration form with the correct details and then click on the option that completes the submission process.

In another announcement, the West Bengal CM stated that the registered MNREGS workers must be allowed to participate in the ration supply and distribution systems. These individuals will be able to help the ration store owner to package the essential commodities and food grains. Apart from this, the migrant labors, who are stranded within West Bengal, will obtain the permission to go to their native states, once the lockdown is called off. Mamata Banerjee has urged the migrant labors to stay in the current location as of now. They will be allowed to come to West Bengal after 3rd May, 2020.

When and by whom was the scheme launched?

The Sneher Parash Scheme has been launched in the State of West Bengal. The Chief Minister of the state announced the scheme in April, and also mentioned that its implementation will begin from 20th April, 2020.

Who will benefit from the scheme?

The West Bengal government wants to provide financial assistance to the migrant labors, which are stranded in the other states. The relief scheme will send money to such candidates.

How much grant will be given to the beneficiaries?

The official guidelines highlight that the migrant labors from West Bengal will attain Rs. 1000 each.

How will the state government ensure proper distribution of financial grant?

The eligible applicants will have to register for attaining the scheme benefit. After the enrollment, the state official will verify the claims. Once the beneficiary list has been created, the money will be sent to the selected applicants via Direct Benefit Transfer mode.

What is the official website links for application?

The interested applicants can either click on the link. The eligible candidates can attain the digitized application form on both sites.

Is there an app for the scheme?

Yes! The West Bengal government has launched an app for this scheme. The applicants will be able to download the Sneher Parash App from Google Play Store.

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