Steps to Activate Free Google RailWire Wifi in Railway stations and Password

How to Activate Free Google RailWire Wifi in Railway stations and Password

In today’s life the entire mankind is roaming around the world of digitization. From mobile phones to tablets to smartwatches, everything needs a high speed connection so that you can be connected to the world even when you are travelling. In India, the Modi Government has taken so many steps for digital India. Providing free wifi in public places is one such initiative taken by the government. This initiative has boosted up more when the CEO of Google Inc. Mr. Sundar Pichai has announced the free wifi connection in over 100 railway stations across the country India. In January, Pichai has announced the collaboration with Indian Rail Telecommunication, RailTel.

Activate Free Google RailWire Wifi

What is RailWire Wifi in Railway stations

According to the Google CEO, there will be free WiFi in all the leading railway stations across the country. The connection will be able to cover more than 1.5 million people at a time. The first station which is been selected for providing free WiFi is Mumbai Central. According to Mr. Pichai Google has planned to extent the network to 100 stations. The expected time period of the project is the end of this year 2016. So while waiting for the train now you can check your important mails, chat with friends and can do lot more using free railway Wi-Fi.

How does it work?

Connecting free Wi-Fi and pair up your device is not an uncommon fact today. Having free Wi-Fi in public areas like roads and airports is also a common phenomenon. But as the Google says, that there will be 1.5 million users who can connect at a time with Railway Wi-Fi is somewhere worrying people.

But there is nothing to worry as Google has partnered with the Railway Telecommunication Company, RailTel which has access of over 45, 000 km range across the country. The leading lines and stations are connected through the network provided by RailTel. So as of now the project seems to be successful as the network range and access both is swift in all the leading stations.

Step by Step to activate free google RailWire wifi in Railway stations?

Once you are in any leading railway stations where Google free WiFi is available you can connect it easily by following simple steps.

  • Step 1: open your wifi settings to find available networks
  • Step 2: select RailWire network and tap on it.
  • Step 3: open you internet browser and type in the address bar.
  • Step 4: once you will click on the link, you will be directed to the page where your phone number will be asked.
  • Step 5: enter your 10 digit phone number
  • Step 6: you will immediately receive an SMS in your number. There will a unique OTP that is sent to your number. So the password to connect RailWire is this OPT that you have received.
  • Step 7: Go to login page and enter the OTP in place of password.
  • Step 8: you are successfully connected to the RailWire and can use the internet for free for first 30 minutes. You can use Railwire internet after 30 minutes but that would be charged. Charges for those is still not known.

Railway Wifi activation – quick notes

Steps Things to do
Step-1 Wifi setting in your device
Step-2 Find RailWire
Step-3 Go to browser
Step-4 Enter your phone number
Step-5 Receive an SMS saying OTP
Step-6 Go to login page
Step-7 Enter OTP
Step-8 Connected

Free access, no limit of data

A lot of people have this question in mind, if the connection is free then what will be the profit share of Google. On the other if the connection is chargeable then what is the maximum limit of free use. The CEO of Google has said that as of now there is no maximum limit of free use. People can use as much as they want. Unlike other open places like roads and airports Wi-Fi has a maximum time limit. You can’t use beyond that said time period, if you do so, it will be chargeable.

But as the CEO said, the project has just started and it is still in trial period. As of now there will not be any charges or maximum limit of free use of railway WiFi, but it can be chargeable in future like airports and roads did.

List of Stations where you will find free Google RailWire WiFi

The first station to launch the free wifi by Google is Mumbai Central. As of now 10 stations have launched free WiFi. Started with Mumbai the connection moves to Pune, Ranchi and Bhuvaneshwar, Ranch and Visakhapatnam. The other stations in queue are Allahabad, Jaipur and Ujjain. Bhopal, Raipur, Kacheguda in Hyderabad, Vijaywada are some more names to be added in the list.

SNO Station City Station State
1 Pune Maharastra
2 Ranchi Jharkhand
3 Mumbai Maharastra
4 Bhuvaneshwar Odisha
5 Patna Bihar
6 Visakhapatnam Andra Pradesh


Is Railway WiFi free?

Modi government has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the success of Digital India Campaign. In this regard, all the major railway stations now offer free Railway Wi-Fi connection to the passengers. The RailTel has partnered with the tech-giant Google to ensure people have access to high speed internet connection in the railway stations. Passengers need not pay any money to access these Wi-Fi hotspots.

How do you get WiFi on a train?

Apart from free Wi-Fi connection in the railway stations, passengers, boarding long and short distance trains can also get this free internet connection facility. The trains that have free Wi-Fi have the icon on the doors. Once you are in the train, you need to check the available networks. There you will find a network that says “Railways.” Tap on the network and you will get connected with the Wi-Fi system.

How do I connect to RailWire?

Any passenger can activate and use the Google RailWire easily. Above are some steps, which will give you free access to this fast internet service.

Is RailWire WiFi unlimited?

Yes! The RailWire is unlimited. But there is a time capping on its usage. The passenger will get to use this high speed free internet connecting for 30 minutes only, after successfully logging in. Once this time is up, you must pay from your balance, as per data usage.

In which train WiFi is available?

Passengers, traveling in the local trains will not get the free Wi-Fi facility. Till date, only some of the trains have been included in this list. If you are traveling by Shatabdi express, Rajdhani, and Duranto trains, then you can connect with the Wi-Fi service. Other than these trains, Gatimaan Express and the Tejas Express also offer similar facility for its passengers. However, the Indian Railway Department has plans of increase the number of trains, which will provide this facility in the future.

Is it safe to use railway WiFi?

There are some critics, which opine that it is not wise to connect your gadgets with the free Wi-Fi connection as it can pave the path for malware or virus. But the Indian Railway has taken the necessary precautions to keep such threats at bay. So, it is safe to say that RailWire is safe for the passengers, thanks to Google protection and other firewall installations in the system.

What is the speed of Rail WIFI?

Ans: When you first login and get connected with the RailWire Wi-Fi, you will attain a high speed of 32 MBPS. Once the allocated free time span of 30 minutes is up, the speed will drop to 1 MBPS.

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