Ujala Yojana| Free LED Bulb Scheme

Ujala Yojana | Free LED Bulb Scheme

Earlier Ujala Scheme was launched with a different name – Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP). Now with the new name the programme has been re-launched. It has also been revived by providing a lot more benefits to the consumers than it was providing before. The main aim of the Yojana is to switch the usage of over 200 million incandescent light bulbs into LED light bulbs. This will save a power of 10.5 billion kWh as a whole.

Ujala Yojana

Ujala Yojana Key Features

  • It is offering free and affordable LED light bulbs to all. It is one of the first and the strongest measures taken by the central government to promote the usage of efficient light bulbs. The aim of the scheme is to preserve the environment.
  • Under this scheme the applicant will be given the LED light bulbs at subsidized prices. The prices are going to be slashed down by 60%. So the reduced price will be 40% less than the market price.
  • The Ujala Yojana has brought both the state and the central government to work hand in hand. Earlier a similar scheme was launched but now it has been revived with the Ujala Yojana. It comprises of both the central and the state governments to work together towards achieving the goal.

Subsidized Prices of Ujala LED Bulbs

Since the main aim of the programme is to promote the usage of LED bulbs, they are being made available at cheaper rates than the market price. This means that if you buy an LED bulb through this scheme then you will get it at a much cheaper rate than the market. At present, the market rate of a common household LED bulb is around Rs. 160. Under this scheme you will get the same LED bulb for Rs. 85.

It must be noted that the 9W bulbs are available for Rs. 85. Also, all the bulbs purchased under this programme have a 3 year replacement warranty.

Ujala Yojana Form

The form to apply for the Ujala Yojana is available on the official website of the Government. You can download it from http://www.ujala.gov.in/ .Once downloaded, you can fill it and submit it to the authorities. You can also avail additional details at DISCOM office.

Ujala Yojana Documents Required

To take the benefits of this programme you will need to produce a photo identity proof of yourself. This can be either an Aadhar Card or Voter ID card or Passport, etc. You are also to bring your address proof. To give the proof of your address, you can produce the electricity or phone bill.

Ujala Yojana Benefits

  1. By this programme people will become aware of the benefits of LED bulbs. This way the usage of LED bulbs will improve across the nation and it will not just be limited to the number of people under this scheme.
  2. People from all walks of life can use LED bulbs since they will be made available at much cheaper rates. This will make sure that the usage of LED bulbs is spread evenly across the nation – and not just to the urban cities.
  3. The negative impact of incandescent bulbs can be controlled and checked by this programme. It will make sure that the environment is positively affected by the usage of the bulbs. Hence, it improves the environment.
  4. It is energy efficient. There will be less usage of energy with LED bulbs and this will in turn be good for the conservation of energy.

Quick Review of Ujala Yojana

Sl. No. Programme details Known data
1 Name of Yojana Unnat Jyoti By Affordable LEDs For All or Ujala Yojaan or Free LED Bulb Scheme
2 Implementing Authority Energy efficiency Services Ltd.
3 Power Wattage of the bulbs 9W
4 Launched by Narendra Modi
5 Last date 31 March 2019

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  1. At surat Gujarat area DGVCL is not give exchange of ujala led bulb i am asking him from last month no any response from DGVCL SURAT please take a action

  2. How can I apply for ujala led and solar system? Please help…

  3. Chandubhai V Patel

    I have purchased 10 (Ten) LED bulbs from Vijapur Taluka. Districtahesana
    Now two bulbs blown.. So I made a phone to Baroda office
    Not getting proper response from this company.
    Please help me.

  4. I purchased 5 LED bulbs from Sonamukhi-722207, W. Bengal. Out of that 4 bulbs are blown but all offices/ outlets of Ujala yojana are disappeared after they sold huge quantity. Many persons are searching for defective LED bulbs replacement.

  5. Please provide the government scheme details for LED Bulb, LED Tube light & Solar system requirement.

  6. 4 balp

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