Uttar Pradesh Sugam Sanyojan Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Sugam Sanyojan Yojana [Electricity Connection]

The state of UP has faced major issues with power crisis and connection related problems. As per the election promises, the state government has joined hands with the center to eliminate these snags. The latest scheme, announced by the state in this regard is the Sugam Sanyojan Yojana. It will provide new connections within a short span.

Uttar Pradesh Sugam Sanyojan Yojana

Launch details of the scheme

The Sugam Sanyojan Yojana is connected with the “Power for All” scheme. The official announcement of the scheme was done by the Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath. The declaration was made in mid-2017. The monitoring and implementation responsibilities are rested on the state electricity department. The CM will have to keep the Central Power Minister posted about the developments.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Providing 24 hour electricity to all – As per the features of the scheme, the state government is trying to provide electricity for all, living in the remotest parts of the state, within a short time. The power will be provided for 24 hours.
  2. Associated with the Power for All scheme – It will not be possible for the state government to produce such huge amounts of electricity for meeting the requirements of all new connections. Thus, the state has signed the “Power for All” scheme, headed by the central government.
  3. 1 to 5 KW power – As per the announcement, the state will assist the people by providing new connections and by supplying a power that ranged from 1 KW to % KW.
  4. Free for BPL candidates – All applicants who belong to the poor strata and have the BPL card will get the facility of getting the connection free of cost.
  5. Installment payment process – For the applicants who do not fall in the BPL category will have to pay for the connection but to lessen the burden, the state government has kept the facility of paying in 18 installments.
  6. Pre-paid connection – If the applicant does not have the legal papers of the home, then they can apply for the new connection as well. In this case, the connection will be pre-paid in nature.
  7. Total number of beneficiaries – As of now, the state government has been successful in providing new connection to around 5 lakh 65 thousand homes. This target has been achieved within a span of 50 days only.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  1. Resident of the state – The Sugam Sanyojan Yojana has been exclusively implemented within the borders of the state. Thus, any candidate who is interested in getting the benefits of the new scheme will have to be a legal resident of the state.
  2. Both for BPL and APL – Segregation has not been made on the basis of income. Poor and rich, villagers and urban citizens, all are allowed to register under the program.

Important documents required for the scheme

  1. Proof of residence – The CM of the state has made it clear that only those individuals, with proper residential proof of being citizens of UP will be given the permission of applying under the scheme. Thus, production of residence proof is a must.
  2. ID proof – The person who is applying for the new connection will have to provide an identification proof. The Aadhar card or the voter card will be accepted in this regard.
  3. Address of the house – Apart from the address proof, the applicant will also have to provide the address of the house for which, the application of the new electric connection has been made.
  4. BPL certificate – Since there is special monetary discount benefit for those belonging to the poor strata, the production of the BPL certificate is a must.

App details

Under the scheme, the state government has launched many mobile applications. With the assistance of these apps, the common people will be able to apply for getting the power connection. There are three separate applications for the assistance of commoners and state authority as well. To download these apps, the candidates must download the apps from Google PlayStore.

The people will be able to use the e-neutral app for submitting any complaints regarding power issues or power shortage. The app can be used for acquiring service related information. The e-fixation application can be utilized for the same purpose. Apart from this, the e-redressal application will also make the task of paying the electricity bill and the calculation of the power consumption easy for the common people. The state has also launched the e-prevention app for acquiring the feedback from the people about the services and grievances.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. If any candidate desires to get the advantages of the scheme, then they can acquire the details from the official webpage.
  2. As most of the people in the rural areas do not have access to electricity and computer literacy, the registration forms will be given from the office of the Tehsil or the District Development office.
  3. Apart from these offices, the state electricity board and the other associated departments will also set up camps and centers in remote places. They will operate from 9 am to 5 pm and will assist in the task of providing new connections.
  4. The interested candidates will have to arrive at the centers and submit the application form, along with the required documents. After enrollment, the papers will be checked and connection will be provided within 7 to 30 days.
  5. As the scheme is new, the state government will soon declare the application procedure.

Processing time

To provide quick service to the applicants, the state government has decided that the authority will take as less processing time as it can. Once the application has been approved, the authority will provide the new electric connection within a span of seven days only, provided an electrical power pole is present in the area.

In case there is no existent electrical pole in the area, then the processing of the application will take at the most 30 days. Within this time, the electricity department will erect electric power pole in the area and then provide connection to the house of the applicant.


Once the implementation of the new electricity connection scheme takes flight, the rural areas, which are still suffering in darkness, will be brought in light. The connection has been developed keeping the sorry state of the rural areas in mind but any individual can opt for the benefits.

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