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Biju Swasthya kalyan Yojana Odisha Healthcare Insurance scheme Universal Health coverage (UHC) Drop Back Assistance, Empanelled Hospital List, Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, Cashless 2018 (Naveen Care) (बिजू स्वास्थ्य कल्याण योजना)

For any nation it is very important to have its citizens in sound state of mind and health as if the citizens lack on the health part then the nation’s growth and prosperity is hampered. In India the health care infrastructure is flaccid due to two major issues that are poverty and over-population.

Considering this problem of healthcare in the nation, both state and central government have decided to take measures to resolve it. This scheme is one such initiative towards betterment of health care infrastructure in India.

Naveen Odisha

Scheme name Biju Swasthya kalyan Yojana/ Odisha healthcare scheme
Launched by CM Naveen Patnaik, Odisha government
Announced on 12th June 2018
Official launch date 15th August 2018
Supervised by Odisha government
Target Improve the overall health care structure of Odisha state
Beneficiary People of Odisha, especially poor people

Key features of the scheme:

  • Advanced and financed by Odisha government: this scheme is developed by the government of Odisha and will be catering to the residents of the state. So all the financial issues will be taken care of by the state.
  • 2 other health associated schemes: other than Biju Swasthya kalyan Yojana, the state has also declared execution of Universal health coverage and Drop back Assistance. These schemes jointly will work towards the betterment of Odisha’s health.
  • Universal Health coverage (UHC): if any patient has to commute to any sub-central state owned hospital from any district then he/she is not required to worry about the cost of treatment. The state government will be funding the treatment of the patient(s) who are getting treated at the public healthcare centres.
  • Drop back assistance: a special scheme has been announced for feeble babies and expecting women. As per the Drop back assistance scheme, all pregnant women and ailing babies will be given Rs 500 if they go to any public health care institute. This money can be utilized for any commutation source to get back to the home after treatment or post-delivery.
  • Financial aid under the scheme: to make sure that everyone in the state receives good health care facilities and treatments, the state government of Odisha has decided to provide health insurance to its residents. Each family living in Odisha will receive an amount up to 5 lakhs from the state government.
  • Indemnity for treatment:the money received can be utilized by the family members to get any secondary or triennial treatments, as per the scheme.
  • Total number of beneficiaries: this scheme will try to cover 70 lakh families residing in Odisha state. This states that it will provide financial and healthcare assistance to over 3.5 crore people living in Odisha.
  • Empaneled hospitals: people who are getting treatments in government and also private healthcare institutes/hospitals will also be receiving the benefits of this scheme.

Such schemes will prove beneficial for people as they will be able to get treatments at low cost and will also receive proper and advanced medical care. This scheme is beneficial especially for the people who belong to economically weaker sections of the society as they can get treated for their ailments without worrying much about the costs of treatments and other related facilities.

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