Small Account or Chota Khata PMJDY

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has come up with a Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). It is a nationwide initiative to ensure that everyone is financially included. This scheme allows easy access to the major financial services to everyone at a very low cost. The services include banking services such as savings account, insurance, credit and more.

These accounts can be opened at any branch. You can also open an account at the Business Correspondent, also called Bank Mitr, outlets. This scheme allows people to open account with a zero balance. But with zero balance you do not get a cheque book. If you want a cheque book issued then you will need to have a certain minimum balance in your bank account.

What if you have No Documents and what a PM Jan dhan Yojana Account (PMJDY)

If you have the officially valid documents, such as Aadhaar card, you can submit it at the time of opening of the bank account. However, if you do not have any documents, you can still go ahead and open a bank account under this scheme called Small Account or Chota Khata PMJDY

You can have a Jan Dhan account at a bank by giving two photographs self attested at the branch where you want to open the account. In an official statement issued by RBI which was dated 26 August 2014, it was mentioned that if there is no official valid document or the ULID number, the bank accounts can be opened with just two self-attested photographs.

Small Account PM Jan Dhan Yojana

Limits of Small Account Pm Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)

But there are certain limits to these accounts. These accounts are called small accounts and will remain valid for about 12 months only.  If the account holder is able to provide the officially valid documents within this period they shall be able to continue with the account.

A small account in Jan Dhan Yojana also has a maximum 50,000 balance and 100,000 Rs credit limit. Also, you will not be able to withdraw more than 10,000 Rs per month from a small account.


  1. I have only pan card can I open the account

  2. my maid wants to open an account but not having any docs. she live in road only. can she open an account ?

  3. Actually, we went to Andhra Bank to open PMJDY account on 1st January 2015. but bankers told us that do not open account but it was closed. So, what I have to Say. really we need to account from the PMJDY. is this closed bank account forms?

  4. I live in other state for my studies. Am i eligible to open account here?

  5. omkar uday kulkarni

    I have alraedy bank a/c with boi i can get visa debit card facility from this jandhan yojana A/c after transferring existing A/c to jandhan yojana A/c

  6. i have already bank account. can i link it to PMJDY ?
    OR, can i open another account ?

  7. Sir main ek supervisor hu or mere pas kuch ladka kam karte hain but unke pancard or panchyat cartificate or kuch bande ka voter id hain but koi bank a/c khol nahi raha .. in logoka khata khul sakta hain??

  8. Dharmendra ojha

    Mere paas aadhar card nahin hai kya main account khol Santa hai

  9. sir jiske pas koi proof nhi jo anath ho uska ac kaise khulega

  10. Sir I have a small account under Jan Dan yojna and I got a rupay debit card which does not allow me make online debit card payment,It says bank denied my payment ,even though my ATM is unblocked.
    One more problem is that when I withdraw money from my ATM it doesn’t give an SMS alert .when I asked this to bank officials they says in JAN DAN YOJNA no SMS alerts is their for withdrawal

  11. सरजी,
    मेरा जनधन योजना का एसबीआई मे खाता है, मे इसके एटीएम कार्ड से आनलाईन ट्रान्जेक्शन करना चाहता हू इस्के लिये शाखा मे मोबाईल अलर्ट चालू करवाने गया, पर बैन्क कर्म्चारी कगता है कि जनधन खाते पर मोबाईल अलर्ट चालू नही हो सकेगा, मार्गदर्शन दे!

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