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Bihar Mukhyamantri Atyant Pichhda Varg Civil Seva Protsahan Yojana EBC Students Eligibility Criteria Documents Application Form Financial Aid 1 lakh

A new Yojana has been launched by the Bihar state government termed as Mukhya Mantri’s Atyant Pichda Varg Chhatravriti Scheme. The Scheme has been launched for the fiscal year 2017-18 by the state government. Under this scheme it is certain that the state government will offer students from extremely lower class of the society with scholarship programs. The welfare development department for extremely backward class and backward class in the state is officially regulating the scholarship program under the scheme since 2008 – 09.

Mukhya Mantri Atyant Pichda Varg Chhatravriti Yojana Bihar

Launch details

The Atyant Pichhda Varg Civil Seva Protsahan Scheme was announced from the CM office on the 16th of May, 2018. The implementation and monitoring of this scheme will be done by the Bihar OBCs and EBCs Welfare Department. The details of the scheme and application process will be made available on the official website of Bihar government as soon as possible.

Main benefit of the scheme (मुख्यमंत्री अत्यंत पिछड़ा वर्ग सिविल सेवा प्रोत्साहन योजना)

The man benefit of the scheme is that it has been designed to meet the financial requirements of those candidates who have the merit to crack government exams, but come from extremely poor and backward classes.

Key features

  1. Development and encouragement to poor classes – The backward and poor candidates will not be able to progress without proper financial support from the state. With this program, the meritorious candidates will be able to concentrate on competitive exam preparations.
  2. Successful BPSC & UPSC candidates – The scheme highlights that only those candidate will be offered the financial assistance who have crosses the preliminary written exam obstacle in BPSC and/or UPSC.
  3. Financial assistance – It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that all applicants, who have passed the preliminary hurdle in BPSC will receive a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. In case the applicant has passed the UPSC preliminary exam, then he/she will receive Rs. 1 lakh.
  4. Payment in single one installment – The program report also states that all applicants will receive the amount in one single installment. A large sum of money in their possession will keep monetary tensions as bay, and allow them to put more stress on future preparation.
  5. Payment in bank account – It is mandatory for all applicants to have a bank account. It is a must as the cash will be transferred in the bank account directly.

These financial schemes will ensure that candidates, from all walks of life get a fair chance to try their luck at government jobs. Several meritorious applicants cannot progress to final preparation, after crossing the first level, due to financial constraints.

Eligibility Criteria

It is certain that to get the benefit of the scholarship program from the state government the students need to meet the following eligibility criteria:-

  • As the state government of Bihar has already announced that the scheme is to be launched for the students of the Bihar  so it is certain that the student has to be resident of the state by birth.
  • The student who needs scholarship must have a valid bank account by his name.
  • It is also certain that the scholarship will only be offered to the student who has managed to pass the civil exam.

Documents required

To claim for the scholarship program the student needs to have the following legal documents with him.

  • The student should possess his or her caste proof certificate as a proof to which caste they belong.
  • As the scheme is valid only within the Bihar state so the student will have to provide with a copy of their residence certification.
  • The scholarship amount will be directly transferred to the bank account via RTGS so it is certain that the student should have a valid Aadhar card.
  • Each of the student who is to receive scholarship amount should also have a personal bank account details, including pass book.
  • A copy of the Utility certificate is also to be provided by the student once he or she has received the scholarship amount in their bank account for verification.

How to apply for the scholarship

In case any of the students wants to get registered for the scholarship program then it is certain that the student will have to register himself or herself online via government official website

How to get students list 

To get a complete students list you have to first visit the website from the browser. Under the search bar you have to select the financial year from the drop box menu and then make the selection of the district. Now you just have to click the search record option.

Budget Allocation

It is certain that the state government has allocated a set budget of over 32,54,70,000 for the scholarship program that shall be given away to each of the meritorious students. Each of the student’s shall be given with Rs 10,000 as scholarship amount.

It is certain that the Bihar state government aims at encouraging students from extremely backward class to complete their education by offering them with scholarship for their efforts.

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