Bano Udyami campaign in Bihar

Bano Udyami campaign in Bihar (Start your Own Business)

Bihar state government, to encourage more people to get their own business, has started a new campaign namely Bano Udyami. In this campaign, the state will cover all the students about having their own business in future. The Campaign will start soon covering many parts of the state.

Bano Udyami campaign in Bihar

Launch Details

Bano Udyami Campaign has launched on Monday, 15th Jan 2018. The state government has launched the campaign in Patna. It will be supervised and implemented by the Industrial Ministry or industry department of the state.

Campaign – Highlights

  • Beneficiaries: The campaign will cover students across the state. According to the state authority more than 5 Lac students will be covered under this campaign.
  • Implementation: Campaign will take place every month. 5 schools and colleges will be chosen every month by the department. Students from those schools and colleges will be provided proper education about entrepreneurship and start-ups.
  • Benefits: In this campaign, students will get to know what entrepreneurship is and how the government is encouraging start-ups, through several schemes. The students will be able to learn about the schemes and benefits government is providing to encourage start-ups in the state.
  • Start-up scheme by government: There are many schemes related to the same led by the central as well as state government. Schemes such as Stand up India, Start-up Bihar, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, Prime Minister Employment Generation Program, Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion, Chief Minister MSME Cluster Development Scheme and so on will be considered under the campaign to educate more students.
  • Locations: The campaign will take place in 38 districts across the state. Schools and colleges will be chosen on block level to reach out more students under this campaign.

To eradicate the biggest issue in India, unemployment, the state and central government are working relentlessly. Instead of finding jobs, youths can establish their own business to shape up their career. With this belief the government is conducting such campaigns and launching various schemes so that people get clear idea about entrepreneurship and so on.

District Industrial Centres and their officials will lead the campaign. They will help the students to get clear idea about the future aspect of start-ups and so on.

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