How to Check Name in SECC Data List 2011

How to Check Name in SECC Data List 2011 [Download Final PDF 2018-19] Full Form एसईसीसी लिस्ट

If you are on this list then you are eligible for most of the schemes including ayushman bharat yojanaPopulation census is very important for any nation. This extensive data collection offers a close look at all aspects of the demographic. In India Census is conducted after every ten years. To date, the Indian government had organized 15 census programs. The very first census was organized in 1872 by the British government. Back then, India was under British rule. The last census was organized in 2011. Now, all tasks, associated with the survey is organized and monitored by the Ministry of Home Affairs. One can check out the official website by clicking on the link Based on the data of this Census report, the central government prepares several data lists. One of these lists is the SCEE 2011 list. 

What is SCEE List?

An essential part of the Census is studying both rural and urban households. Census data collectors go door to door and attain details of each living member. They ask questions about their name, age, sex, qualification, and employment. The SCEE data list is also known as the Socio-Economic Caste Census. This list is focused towards highlight details about the nature of the house, its ownership, source of income, and monthly/annual payment of the entire family. This list mainly offers details about poor rural individuals. The data attained from this list assists the central as well as state governments to design and implement special developmental reforms.

Popular Name SECC Data List
Full Form Socio-Economic Caste Census
Related to Financial and social status of those candidates who fall under the poverty level.
Official Site

How to check the applicant’s name in the list?

  1. Once the data has been collected and analyzed, it is uploaded to the SECC 2011 database. Whenever the central or state authority comes up with a new scheme that is targeted toward poor citizens, they make it mandatory for applicants to have their names listed in the SECC 2011 list.
  2. It is possible for any candidate to check whether his/her name features in the list or not.
  3. The candidate has to click on the link that will give him/her access to the official page of the SECC 2011 data portal. The link is
  4. As soon as the page ones, candidates will get four different fields. The first is marked as “State” and the second is marked as “District.” The third and the fourth fields are marked as “Block” and “Panchayat” respectively.
  5. The individuals will have to click on the drop-down arrow, placed alongside the “State” tab, and select the respective state. Once the state selection is done, it will automatically activate the “District” tab. One has to click on the dropdown arrow and click on the respective district.
  6. After selecting the district, the “Block” tab will be activated. Once the person has picked the block, the last tab will also be activated.
  7. After filling in correct data in each tab, one has to click on the submit button.
  8. This will trigger the suite to bring up that area’s respective SECC 2011 data list. The applicant can then search this list and ensure that his/her name features in it or not.
  9. It is also possible to get the printout of this page.

Registration of one’s name in the SECC 2011 data list will enable him/her to attain financial benefits and other perks under all central or state-sponsored schemes. In case the name of the person is not on the list, he/she needs to get in touch with the nearest Panchayat office immediately.

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