Rajasthan Dishari Yojana 2021

Rajasthan Dishari Yojana 2020 (Free Coaching for Poor and BPL) @ dce.rajasthan.gov.in

The Rajasthan state authority has understood that it is necessary to empower the educated youth of the state by paving the way for them to acquire proper jobs in government and private sector. But this cannot be done without proper coaching. With the implementation of the Rajasthan Dishari Yojana, the state wants to provide the interested candidates with special coaching for cracking competitive exams.

Rajasthan Dishari Yojana

Launch details of the scheme

The announcement of the welfare scheme was done by the CM of the state Vasundhara Raje Sindhiya. The high placed officials of National Higher Education Mission RUSA were also present on the occasion. The development, implementation and monitoring of the scheme will be done by this department, with assistance from Department of College Education of Rajasthan. It was on the celebration of Teacher’s Day, 2017 that the scheme was announced officially.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Providing coaching to needy candidates – The competitive exam preparatory centers are too expensive for the poor candidates. With the implementation of the program, the state will arrange such coaching classes at very negligible fee.
  2. Coaching in the state run colleges – The special coaching classes will be held in the selected colleges. At a time, the Higher Education Department will select 10 colleges as coaching centers. The colleges, which meet the infrastructural requirements, will be selected.
  3. Duration of the project – Once selected, the particular college will be able to hold the special classes for a span of three years.
  4. Courses taught in the centers – It is highlighted that for the time being, the colleges will provide lessons on reasoning, general intelligence and mathematics. By and by, other subjects will be introduced as well.
  5. Total strength of the centers – Each center will be able to provide lessons to as many as 404 candidates. These candidates must be divided in groups for better monitoring and the strength of each group must not be more than 30.
  6. Commencement of classes – Though the scheme was announced on 5th September, the coaching classes will begin from the 25th of September.
  1. Classes in the evening – The special training for acquiring success in the competitive exams will be held in the evening. It will assist the working candidates to get the training as well.
  2. Refundable registration fee – Another aspect of the scheme is that the candidate will get the registration fee back, once they crack any of the public or private sector exams. The money will be paid back on the production of the proper documents.
  3. Study material and books – The candidates opting for the special coaching will not have to pay any extra charges for the books and study materials, required for the classes.
  4. Special kit for female candidates – As per the guidelines of the scheme, female candidates, opting for these coaching classes, will be given special kits as well.

Eligibility for the scheme

  1. Residents of the state – As mentioned earlier, the scheme is for the empowerment of the youth of Rajasthan. Thus, eligible candidates, who live within the borders of Rajasthan and have proper residential documents, will get to apply.
  2. For the poor and backward classes – The benefit of joining the special coaching classes will be given to the candidates who do not have the financial power to opt for normal expensive preparatory centers.
  3. Meeting educational requirements – Only those candidates who have the eligibility of opting for different government or private sector jobs, will be allowed to get the benefit of these coaching classes.
  4. Requirement for the coaching center – Any college that is selected for holding the coaching class must have strength of 1500 students at least and must be accredited by NAAC, among other criteria. 

Important documents required for the scheme 

  1. Residential proof of the candidate – To get admission in the special competitive exam coaching classes, the candidates need to be residents of the state of Rajasthan. Supporting the claim with proper residential documents is a must.
  2. BPL and cast certificates – As the special coaching is for candidates of general as well as OBC, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes, attaching the cast specific certificate, with the application form, for verification is a must. The financially weak candidates need to attach BPL certificate as well.
  3. Income certificate – As the state authority mentioned that the scheme will come in handy for the tribal and poor candidates; the production of the income certificate of the family may be made mandatory.
  4. Aadhar card – The candidates will have to furnish their Aadhar Card. The code will assist the authority in tracking the progress of the candidates and the overall success rate of the scheme.
  5. Academic certificates – To qualify as the candidate for the private and government competitive exams, each candidate requires a certain percentage of marks. If any candidate desires to get the special coaching, then producing academic mark sheets is also mandatory.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. The state will soon publish the entire application procedure in detail. For now, all interested and eligible candidates will have to collect the application form from the office of the selected colleges.
  2. The candidates will have to pay a fee of Rs. 500 for the application form. Once it is filled up and all necessary documents have been attached to it, the form must be submitted to the respective office.
  3. The candidates will be notified by the college authority about their selection. Once the coaching classes start, the candidates will get their books, study materials from the respective college department.

Contact details of the scheme (Website)

As the scheme has been implemented in the recent times, the government is still working on the development of its aspects. One can log on to the site http://www.dce.rajasthan.gov.in/ to get information on the program. One can send a mail at the ID spdrusaraj@gmail.com or call on the helpline number 0141-271291. A Fax can be sent on the number 0141-2706550.

If the deserving candidates get proper coaching, then they will get the chance to compete with the rich students, who can pay for the expensive competitive exam coaching classes. The poor students of village and tribal areas will get the empowerment they need to progress in life and occupation.

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