Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number

How to Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number

The Supreme Court has ordered the central government to require phone subscribers in India to have Aahar numbers. In particular, all mobile numbers in India must be linked to Aadhar numbers. The goal is to have this completed within a year. In addition, all people who have pre-paid phone connections must also apply for Aadhar numbers in order to continue using their phones.

While there are 100 crore mobile subscribers around India, there is still a sizeable amount of them who do not have Aadhar numbers. The court is aiming to get more people to utilise the Aadhar system for their benefit.

Needed For a Cashless Economy

The primary drive for getting Aadhar numbers linked to mobile numbers comes from the ongoing move to a cashless economy around India. Mobile phones are often used for banking needs these days. By using an Aadhar number, accounts can be quickly verified. By getting more people around the country to link their mobile numbers with their Aadhar numbers, it will be easier for the cashless economy to evolve and become more prominent.

How Will Registration Work?

The registration process will work in a variety of ways:

  • People who have mobile numbers will be encouraged to head out to their local Aadhar offices. These offices can be found all around the country.
  • Those who have pre-paid sim cards would have to fill out proper Aadhar registration forms when they recharge their cards. This is to keep tabs on sim cards and to help improve upon the registration process. About 90 percent of all mobile users in India are pre-paid users. Therefore, this could create a stronger amount of coverage.
  • There is a potential for Aadhar registration papers to be sent out with mobile phone bills in the near future. This could improve upon how well the registration setup can be used around the country.

The potential to get more Aadhar numbers out to those who need them will be strong if the proper registration system is used. By getting more numbers out to the public, it might be easier for people to get the benefits they are looking for through the Aadhar system.

Verification Is Needed

There is also a demand to get more mobile phone subscribers around India to be verified. There are about 5 crore subscribers around the country who have unverified numbers. This is in spite of the government’s demand to get people to verify their numbers.

Such unverified numbers are believed to pose significant threats to the security of India. This comes as many of those numbers are used to support criminal and terror-related activities.

Transparency Is Needed

A sense of transparency will also be prevalent in the process of getting all people to verify their numbers. The government and courts agree that secure processes for verification are needed for all numbers. This is to encourage people to actually get their numbers verified as soon as possible. Physical verification processes may also be used in the future to improve upon how the verification setup works all around the country.

The timetable for getting all numbers linked and verified is unclear. The goal is still to have it all within a year. This is to improve on how the Aadhar system works around India.

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