List of Pradhan Mantri Yojana and Schemes by Government of India 2022

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List of Pradhan Mantri Yojana and Schemes (Sarkari) by Government of India 2020,  BJP Government Schemes, Modi Ji Schemes

  1. Clean My Coach

Launch Dates: 11th March 2016

Objectives: The Railway ministry has a massive role to play for the implementation of the scheme. Under the program the railways stressed on the fact that the service was for the people and it is the responsibility of the people to maintain the sanity and cleanliness of the coaches. As per the guidelines, dustbins were placed in all AC and Non-AC compartments. The common people were urged to use these facilities for keeping the coaches clean.

All Pradhan Mantri Yojana

List of all Pradhan Mantri Yojana in Tabular Form

S.No.Yojana NameLaunch Date
1.Clean My Coach






2.Aadhar Bill
3.Real Estate Bill






4.Unnat Bharat Abhiyan






5.TB Mission 2020






6.Dhanlakshmi Yojana






7.National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme






8.Gangajal Delivery Scheme






9.Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan






10.Vidyanjali Yojana



June 2016



11.Standup India Loan Scheme






12.Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan






13.Samajik Aadhikarita Shivir






14.Railway Travel Insurance Scheme






15.Smart Ganga City






16.Mission Bhagiratha in Telangana






17.Vidyalakshmi Loan SchemeSeptember 2016



18.Swayam Prabha






19.Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana






20.Shala Ashmita Yojana



July 2016



21.Pradhan Mantri Gram Parivahan Yojana






22.National Health Protection Scheme






23.Right to Light Scheme



September 2016



24.Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsava






25.UDAN – Udey Desh ka Aam Nagrik



October 2016



26.Digital Villages






27.Urja Ganga






28.Saur Sujala Yojana






29.Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat






30.Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS)






31.Cease of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes to be a legal tender






32.Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana






33.Bharat National Car Assessment Program (Bharat-NCAP)






34.AMRIT (Affordable Medicines and Reliable Implants for Treatment)






35.Lucky Grahak Yojana



December 2016



36.Digidhan Vyapar Yojana



December 2016



37.BHIM App






38.DigiDhan Mela



39.National Tribal Carnival 2016






40.Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PKVY)



January 2017



41.Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY)



2016 – 2017



42.Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDSA)






43.Vrishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017



January 2017



44.Rs. 6000 Pregnancy Aid Scheme for Women






45.Universal Basic Income Scheme – Being Considered






46.Insurance Scheme for Jan Dhan Account Holders






47.Exclusive Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs






  1. Aadhar Bill

Objectives: Though this bill was passed during the Congress government, the implementation was done with full force under the Modi government. The bill was passed to provide all the legal citizens will a unique identification number that will make it easy for the government to track their activities. Every citizen with a voter card was eligible to be registered under the Aadhar scheme.

  1. Real Estate Bill

Launch Dates: 2016

Objectives: Due to the corruption in the real estate fields, the central government has implemented the act. According to the guidelines of the scheme, the buyers will be protected from any foul play while buying or selling a property. This will encourage the people in investing in the real estate sectors as well.

  1. Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Launch Dates: 10th December 2014

Objectives: Under the scheme, the government will strive to develop and increase the current capacity of the research and training establishments, which have attained a reputable status in the sector of higher education. This will also help the rural areas to develop in keeping with the guidelines of the project.

  1. TB Mission 2020

Launch Dates: 24th October 2014

Objectives: This program was launched with the aim of making the country free from Tuberculosis by the arrival of 2020. Under the scheme, the health department was ordered to take all necessary steps to increase awareness about the disease and making the necessary medicines available in all parts of the country.

  1. Dhanlakshmi Yojana

Launch Dates: 2016

Objectives: this conditional money transfer system for every eligible girl child along with assurance cover was implemented. This money will be used for giving the girl child a better life in the future. It will provide her will monetary security. The tangible aim of this plan is providing the families the necessary encourage the members of the family in saving the money under this scheme.

To provide a set of financial incentives for families to encourage them to retain a girl child, educate her and prevent child marriage.

  1. National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme

Launch Dates: 27th January 2017

Objectives: The scheme has been formulated to help both the employers and the apprentices. Under the scheme, the government will make a total repayment of 25% of the granted amount that is to be given to the young apprentice. Apart from this, the government will also pay a total amount of Rs. 7500 for a three months.

  1. Gangajal Delivery Scheme

Launch Dates: 30th May 2016

Objectives: The latest scheme to be launched by the state government of Bihar has been attracting all eyeballs. Under the program, the state government will start the delivery of the water from the Holy Ganga River to every house in Patna. Fir this doorstep service, they will get the assistance from the postal department.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan

Launch Dates: 9th June 2016

Objectives: The central government is trying to bring down the mortality rate of newborns. Thus, they have implemented the scheme that will give the pregnant women all the medical area that is required to ensure the health of the mother and the soon to be born child. Under the scheme, the expecting women will be enrolled and will be given free checkups. Apart from this, the vaccination and required tests will also be done by the government medical agencies, free of cost.

  1. Vidyanjali Yojana

Launch Dates: June 2016

Objectives: One of the main reasons of the low rate of literacy in the country can be attributed to the lack of proper teaching staff in all the government operated schools. The central government, along with the HRD Ministry has implemented the scheme to change the overall scenario. Under the scheme, the government schools will be provided with volunteers who will teach the students. No formal training is required to join the scheme. All the person must have is the zeal to make the society better for all students.

  1. Standup India Loan Scheme

Launch Dates: 5th April 2016

Objectives: The central government under Modi has always tried to empower all sections of the society. The Standup India Loan Scheme is no exception to this. Under the program all the banks will have to grant individuals (especially women) belonging to the OBC, ST and SC community. They will be granted a loan amount of 10 lakh to 1 crore. This amount will be utilized for the betterment of the company that they are running. The interest rates will also be reduced to some extent.

  1. Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan

Launch Dates: 28th March 2016

Objectives: in an attempt to improve the condition of the governing authority in all the rural areas in the nation, the central government launched the scheme. Under this, Modi highlighted the need of making the rural administrative sections strong by increasing cooperation and harmony.

  1. Samajik Aadhikarita Shivir

Launch Dates: 2016

Objectives: Under this program, the central government has come forward to aid the physically disabled people with gears, especially manufactured for them. These gears will assist the disable persons in commuting from one place to another with ease. The gears were given to them without charging anything. This scheme was first implemented in the state of Gujarat.

  1. Railway Travel Insurance Scheme

Launch Dates: 1st September 2016

Objectives: Under the scheme, the people will get the benefit of getting insurance while they book a railway ticket from the IRCTC department. The insurance will have a coverage amount of 10 lakhs. The best part about the scheme is that the person will have to shell out no more than 92 paise as the premium payment.

  1. Smart Ganga City

Launch Dates: 13th August 2016

Objectives: Treating the waste has always been a major issue of the state governments. As the sewage wastes are carelessly dumped into the streams of the major rivers, their navigability is getting reduced day by day. The cities like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mathura-Vrindavan, Kanpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Allahabad, Patna, Barrackpore and Sahibgunj have been brought under the Smart Ganga City scheme. Under the scheme, the government will set up sewage treatment facilities in the area so that the sorry state of the rivers can be developed.

  1. Mission Bhagiratha in Telangana

Launch Dates: Implemented

Objectives: The state and the central government have agreed on the fact that the areas of Telangana suffer from the inevitability water. The governments have decided to allot a whopping sum of 4000 crores for laying down pipelines in the area. These pipelines will be carting water and will eventually meet the demands of the people living in the area.

  1. Vidyalakshmi Loan Scheme

Launch Dates: September 2016

Objectives: the craze among the students to get admitted in the prestigious IITs all over the country has always been high. But many students are unable to get the admission owing to the huge amounts of money required in paying the fees. Thus, the central government has brought about the scheme that will ease the troubles of the students. They will be given loan from the banks at zero interest for paying the fee of the institutes.

  1. Swayam Prabha

Launch Dates: 18th July 2016

Objectives: The government has already implemented the scheme that will enable those who have an undying thirst for attaining knowledge. The government will be starting 32 channels which will operate under the DTH services. These channels will broadcast shows four times a day. The programs will be based on various educational topics. These topics will cover all academic fields and sectors. Thus, teachers, college and school students, all will be equally benefited from the service.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana

Launch Dates: Upcoming

Objectives: There are many highways which are spots for accidents. The government has launched the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana which has been allotted a total of 2,000 crore. Under the scheme, this fund will be properly utilized for making the accident prone areas safer. This will be done by construction of railings and roads by making use of all the latest technologies in sector of road construction.

  1. Shala Ashmita Yojana

Launch Dates: July 2016

Objectives: Once the implementation of the scheme takes place, the education department of the central government will be in a better position to assess the educational progress of every student. It will be done by linking the data base with the Aadhar code of all the students. It will assist the government in keeping a close watch on the way in which the students are doing academically. Pupils of both private and government schools will be enrolled under the program.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Gram Parivahan Yojana

Launch Dates: Upcoming

Objectives: Though a similar scheme was already launched in 2000, Modi has taken the initiative to bring it up again. It is decided that the scheme will be implement first in the district of Bilaspur. The central government will try to solve the issues of transportation in the rural areas by offering passenger vehicles at low rates. The interested people will also be offered subsidy. Apart from solving the problems of transportation in the rural areas, it will also provide employment to the local residents of the area.

  1. National Health Protection Scheme

Launch Dates: Upcoming

Objectives: The central government is planning on implementing the scheme as soon as possible. The program is targeted towards giving the people living under the poverty level with some financial security in the form of health insurance. The scheme will give them a policy that will have a cover of 1 lakh. The families, who have lost the grossing member will also be allowed to take part in the scheme.

  1. Right to Light Scheme

Launch Dates: September 2016

Objectives: This is another program that has been especially designed by the central government for the benefit of the school goers. The government will provide the students with lamps, which can run on the power of the sunlight. It will assist the students will reading at night, even if they do not have access to electricity. The scheme has been implemented for the students who fall under the poverty level.

  1. Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsava

Launch Dates: 17th December 2016

Objectives: The main goal of the central government is to promote and develop the culture and other aspects related to it. With the organization of this event, the government not only tried to uphold the rich cultural background of the nation but also to give a platform for attracting foreign visitors. This will be beneficial for the nation in all ways. The cultural performances for all parts of the nation were showcased here.

  1. UDAN – Udey Desh ka Aam Nagrik

Launch Dates: October 2016

Objectives: Gone are the days when the airways were considered to be a mode of transport for the rich. With the launch of the UDAN scheme, the central government has made it possible for the common people to book a ticket in the civil airlines for as low as Rs. 2500. It has been done to provide comfort and aid in faster transportation for the common people.

  1. Digital Villages

Launch Dates: upcoming

Objectives: The cebtral government has already taken many initiatives to develop the digital scenario of the nation. Under the Digital Village scheme, the government will take all necessary steps increase digital connectivity in various parts. The program will be implemented as of now in about 100 villages. As per the features of the program, digital connectivity will be used to connect educational, health and other important sectors.

  1. Urja Ganga

Launch Dates: 24th October 2016

Objectives: Energy and power are the two components, which will assist a nation to develop. As Modi promised the people good times, his schemes reflect that he is thinking about making the standards of people’s lives better. Under this particular scheme, he has promised Varanasi and many areas on the Eastern side of the nation with availability of gas. Thus, the central government has invested 51 crors of rupees to lay down the pipelines. The pipelines will 1500 kilometers. Under the program, 20 lakh households will get access to clean gas for cooking. This gas can also be used for powering almost 20,000 vehicles.

  1. Saur Sujala Yojana

Launch Dates: 1st November 2016

Objectives: Irrigation mainly feeds the millions in the country. Thus, the central government has decided to implement the program in the farming intensive Chhattisgarh. The main objective of the scheme is to promote and develop the condition of farmers. Modi has announced that the farmers of the state will be provided with 5PH and 3PH pumps. The interesting fact of the pumps is that they will be run on the solar power. It will also decrease the dependency of fossil fuels.

  1. Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Launch Dates: 31st October 2016

Objectives: India is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual country and Modi government feels that every culture and language must be adequately represented on national level. This way the people living in one part of the country will be able to know about the culture of the other states. The main agenda behind the implementation of the scheme is to advertise the different cultures of each state. This will also bring about nation oneness. The school students will be the flag bearers of the scheme.

  1. Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS)

Launch Dates: 8th November 2016

Objectives: In an attempt to lower the percentage of the fossil fuel emissions in all the urban areas, the central government has brought forward the GUTS scheme. According to the guide lines of the scheme, it will mainly be implemented in all urban regions where the average population will be more than 5 lakhs. The people will be encouraged to make more use of green fuel and take a step towards bringing down the pollution levels. Around 25,000 crore rupees have been proposed for the scheme.

  1. Cease of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes to be a legal tender

Launch Dates: 9 November 2016

Objectives: As a part of the demonization drive, the PM of the nation announced that all the currency notes of 500 and 1000 value will not be held legal in the country. This was a big shock for all. This scheme was suddenly announced to eliminate the menace of black money in the Indian economy.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana

Launch Dates: 9th November 2016

Objectives: Scaling up the entrepreneurship is a must for the development of the overall economic scenario of the nation. Under this scheme, the central government will assist the youngsters in attaining economic and technical support from the government departments.

  1. Bharat National Car Assessment Program (Bharat-NCAP)

Launch Dates: 15 March 2016

Objectives: For making the roads safe and the private cares safer, the central government brought the new scheme that will be implemented on all the companies, manufacturing small cars. Under the scheme, the manufacturers will have to get the models analyzed by the government testing centers before putting the cars up for mass production.

  1. AMRIT (Affordable Medicines and Reliable Implants for Treatment)

Launch Dates: 15 November 2015

Objectives: Under the scheme, the Health department announced that they were bringing about a scheme, known as AMRIT that will give the people suffering from heart disease and cancer, drugs at very low prices. Under the program, the central government opened around 300 drug stores to provide medicines for these two ailments as low rates.

  1. Lucky Grahak Yojana

Launch Dates: December 2016

Objectives: In the wake of the demonetization in the country, the people were become frustrated with the cash crunch. To appease the customers and the sellers, the government launched the Lucky Grahak Yojana. Under the scheme, the customers and the sellers who make use of the digital monetary transactions will stand a chance of winning some kind of cash reward at the end of every week or at the end of the month. This was done to encourage people in taking part in digital transactions.

  1. Digidhan Vyapar Yojana

Launch Dates: December 2016

Objectives: This is another extension of the cashless scheme. Under this, the merchants as well as the customers will be able to make and receive the monetary transactions. The most important aspect of the scheme is all this will be made possible in the real time scenario.

  1. BHIM App

Launch Dates: 30 December 2016

Objectives: With the latest drive of demonetization, the central government implemented the cashless payment application. With the assistance of this application, both the customers and the shopkeepers will be able to take part in the cashless transactions. It will put less pressure on the demand of liquid currency. All that is needed is the BHIM application in the smart phone.

  1. DigiDhan Mela

Launch Dates: 15th December 2016

Objectives: It is important for all to know about the ways of making the payment via the electronic methods. This will put less stress on the market of liquid currency. The  Digi Dhan Mela was planned by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for spreading the knowledge about how common people can be benefited by this process of making payments.

  1. National Tribal Carnival

Launch Dates: 25th October 2016

Objectives: On the event of the inauguration of the carnival, the PM announced that he will bring forth many development reforms for improving the state of the tribal people. He also said that the people will get the chance to see the ways in which the tribal people live their lives. People can also buy the things made by the tribal people and thus, add to their economic well-being.

  1. Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PKVY)

Launch Dates: January 2017

Objectives: There has been a significant increase in the percentage of Indians, wanting to go to other countries for getting a job. Thus, the government has launched the scheme that will give the youngsters all the technical assistance or training that will enable them to excel in the job sector in the other countries.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY)

Launch Dates: 2016 – 2017

Objectives: Under the scheme, the government is trying to take an upper hand on the issues related to unemployment and the lack of employment generation. The scheme mainly has two benefits, one is for the workers and the other is for the employers. The employers will get an incentive for the authority if they can create new jobs for the workers. On the other hand, the government will bay 8.33% of the basis salary of the worker as EPS. This was formally the responsibility of the employer. The scheme will mainly benefit workers getting a monthly salary of 15 thousand.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDSA)

Launch Dates: 8th February, 2017

Objectives: Under this scheme, the Central government will take the initiative to teach the members of more than 6 crore houses in the village to use the various modes of technology and digitalization. This is a step taken towards spreading digital education among the villagers.

  1. Vrishtha Pension Bima Yojana

Launch Dates: January 2017

Objectives: The interest rates are subjected to the volatile condition of the economic market. This poses a huge threat to the elderly as they are totally dependent on the interest amounts. The scheme will be implemented with the help of LIC. Under this, all elderly citizens of 60 years and above will be given an interest rate of 8%. This rate will be fixed for a term of 10 years.

  1. 6000 Pregnancy Aid Scheme for Women

Launch Dates: January 23, 2017

Objectives: This scheme has been targeted towards developing the economic condition of the pregnant women. In over 650 districts, the scheme will be implemented with due effect. Under this program, all the pregnant women will get a one time sum of 6000 rupees. Apart from this, they will also receive nutritious food and vaccination to ensure the safety and health of the mother and the unborn child.

  1. Universal Basic Income Scheme – Being Considered

Launch Dates: Upcoming

Objectives: Among the various reforms of the Central government, the people, especially the individuals falling under the BPL category are looking forward to the implementation of the Universal Basic Income Scheme. Under the program, the government will hold surveys and come to a conclusion about what must be the minimum income of every candidate. The main objective of the scheme is to ensure the minimum wage for all individuals, under the poverty line.

  1. Insurance Scheme for Jan Dhan Account Holders

Launch Dates: Proposed

Objectives: The PMJDY has already been accepted by the common people of the country. Now, the government has added an extra benefit to the already existing plan. In the recent times, the Central Government has though of offering the people who have already opened an account under the PMJDY an insurance policy. Under this policy, the account holders will be given a policy of 2 lakhs. This will be valid for a term of three years. The policy will be offered for no extra charges.

  1. Exclusive Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

Launch Dates: Upcoming

Objectives: Keeping true to the ongoing string of scheme implementations, the Central government and the MSME have announced that they will be bringing forth new programs, which will be targeted towards the development of the female entrepreneurs. The main objective of the scheme will be to provide these women with the much needed financial and technical assistance for helping them in moving forward. The banks will also play a significant role in the successful implementation of the program.

48. Ayushman Bharat Yojana :- This will provide 5 lakh medical insurance to around 10 cr Indian families

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