The MySSB App

The MySSB App

Shri Kiren Rijiju has launched a new app to help people get SBB updates. The MySSB App will help people with getting the latest details on SBB points. This includes a look at how services can be managed on a singular platform. This is designed to offer a simplified experience that people can use for getting all kinds of different functions in check.


This app is currently available for the Android platform. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. An Apple version of the program is expected to be released in the future.

This is designed for those who work for SSB, the key border force that works around India, and the people who need information on what the group is doing. This is especially useful for people who need help with getting through the border on a regular basis. People who work for the SSB can also use the app for many needs.

Key Features of the App

The MySSB App uses a series of features for the convenience of its users including those who are employed by SSB and are aiming for support in many forms:

  • People can get updates on the latest details relating to SSB. This includes the latest Twitter updates from the system.
  • Anyone who works for SSB can also use the app to take care of information relating to managing that person’s salary and reviewing many points relating to how it works. One’s salary account can be analyzed through the program. Updates regarding the account will be sent out and promoted in real time.
  • A person can also apply for transfer services in SSB. This may be used by those who are aiming to start using the system for their requirements.
  • Job maintenance and support features are also included in the app. This includes help with managing different job profiles and requirements for handling many positions. The information supported by the app are designed to help people with managing all kinds of details that they can use for supporting jobs.
  • Service rules surrounding the program may be reviewed on the app. Any issues that a client has over it can be sent out to the service to make it easier to operate.
  • Feedback can be sent out through the app. Feedback may be provided with regards to the services used or how the system is operating. The user has full control over what one can say in the process.

Additional features are expected to be included in the app. These features are yet to be announced but they will help with managing different functions relating to money and employment. This is especially great for SSB employees. This may also work for those who are aiming to find jobs in a number of sections as they see fit.

Helping With Employment

The app is also part of the initiative that SSB has to get more people employed around India. This includes help with recruiting people to be a part of the border guard service. This may be used to especially help people manage accounts relating to how they are working.

Also Working With Many Who Need Help

The SSB app is also available to help those who have been less fortunate. These include victims of human trafficking and others who are harmed by those crossing illegally. The app can be used to contact the SSB about investigating concerns relating to border crossings. This is especially needed today as the border cross process can be rather simple for some people.

SSB’s Functions

This app is being introduced as the functions from SSB are expanding in intensity. SSB is currently guarding about 1,750 km of the border between India and Nepal. It also works on nearly 700 km of the border with Bhutan. Additional operations are also held in the middle of the country with regards to reviewing what may happen in the region.

The new app is also being introduced to go alongside the added functions that SSB has for training people around India. These include people who need help with jobs in sectors relating to apparel, auto work, sports and many other fields. The jobs that are supported are extensive and available to help people in a number of ways with managing the positions that they aim to hold.

The efforts being used by the SSB to improve lives around India have been rather extensive. The MySSB App is just the latest in what the organization is doing for people around the country. People who can benefit from what the SSB offers are being encouraged to contact the SSB to learn more about its plans or to download the MySSB App to get the most out of the solutions being provided by the program.

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