New EPF Form 11

New EPF Form 11 (shifting from one job to another)

Under Employees Provident Fund scheme there was a declaration form that the employee had to submit while shifting from one job to another. The EPF Form 11 has recently been updated and changed for the jobbers who are moving from one job to another.

The EPF Form 11 or Employees Provident Fund Form 11 is a declaration form that the employee has to submit to his new employer if there is a provision of provident fund in his new job. Details of the employee like name, DOB, previous employment details, contact, KYC and such information must be there in the declaration form that has to be submitted to the new employer by the employees.

New EPF Form 11 (shifting from one job to another)

In earlier times the employee also had to submit EPF Form 13 along with Form 11. The Form 13 consists of an application that is for the transfer of the previous PF balance to the new account of the employee. After receiving two forms and verifying by the previous employer the PF amount (if there is any) gets transferred to the new PF account of the new job.

Updated EPF Form 11

In a recent event the EPF officials declared about the updated version of the EPF Form 11. The updated version is much simpler and does not need Form 13 anymore. According to the updated version of EPF Form 11 the employee can only submit the form 11 and can avail the UAN service. If he does so then he will not be required to submit Form 13 to transfer the money. The employer will verify the KYC and will transfer the money through UAN service.

UAN Service

Universal Account Number or UAN service is a provision where the employee will get a universal account number rather than two different PF account. Once the employee will leave the previous job, if he had PF balance, then through the UAN service the balance will automatically move to the new account under the name of new employer after the verification process.

New EPF Form 11

In the new EPF Form 11 the applicant has to enter few basic details along with KYC details. Details such as name, spouse/guardians’ name, whether registered under EPF scheme or employment pension scheme, previous employer’s details, whether international worker or not, if yes then country name and details, KYC details like bank account, Aadhaar number and such will be needed to provide in the New Form 11.

Once the applicant fills up the form and submits to the new employer, the new company will send the details to the previous company for verification. After finishing the verification process, the fund will automatically be transferred to the new account through UAN service. There is no need to submit Form 13 now.

New vs. Old EPF Form 11

Points Old EPF Form 11 New EPF Form 11
Pages 3 1
Declaration by present employer Yes No
Ration Card Yes No
Driving Licence Yes No
ESIC card Yes No
Education Yes No

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