Parvarish Yojana in Bihar for children

Parvarish Yojana, a scheme by Bihar Government for children in need

This is a foster care scheme framed by the Bihar government to provide grants to families and organizations taking care of orphans, deprived and some group of disabled children. The administration at the state capital has been taking the task at hand very seriously and its implementation has been quite a success. By March this year, it is expected that about 1000 children in Patna would have been identified and the grant would be available to them.

Detailed View about Parvarish Yojana Scheme

The scheme had started two years ago when Patna had been ranked at the 20th position so far as its implementation status went. The DM of Patna Mr. Sanjay Agarwal however has personally intervened in the matter and Patna ranks 3rd in the implementation scale of the project.

The DM has directed every unit of the Child Development Project under his jurisdiction to identify 100 such children and foster family who are eligible for this grant. He has also implemented some incentives for the Block Development Officers to enthuse extra push in them to take part in this locating and identification process.

Another distinct step that the DM has introduced is linking the “Anganbadi” offices into the scheme. Information about children who have been turned orphans can be left with the “Anganbadi” to take necessary steps thereafter. He has also instructed banks for speedy opening necessary accounts for the children where the grant amount could be transferred thereafter. There are many children in the group whose parents had HIV and expired early from this disease.

The DM has made special mention that such children had also been included in this project and many such children had been identified and already started receiving their grant.

Points To Be Remember:

  • The scheme does not cover for those orphan children who are housed in the homes for destitute or juvenile homes or any other such places which is receiving finance from the government.
  • All payments would be made to the foster family of the child in need through the post office bank account of savings bank account opened in the child’s name.

Some Facts about Parvarish Yojana 

Beneficiaries for the scheme


·         Children who have not attained the age of 18 years, being cared for by their next of kin as they are orphans are eligible for this grant.

·         Widows who are covered under the Laxmibai Pension Scheme and have children who have not reached 18 years by age are also included in the Parvarish Yojana Scheme.

·         Families who have children with handicap and their gross earning is Rs. 30,000 or less are also eligible

·         Children below the age of 10 years and belonging to BPL families also come under the ambit of this yojana.

Emoluments of the grant


·         Eligible children who have not reached the age of 6 would receive a monthly emolument of Rs, 600.

·         Eligible children above the age of 6 and below 18 would receive a monthly emolument of Rs, 1000.

Processing of the form


·         Village panchayat, or Ward commsioner office in case of urban areas would accept the application form. Anganwadi Kendra in the locality is also authorized to accept the form.

·         Gram-sabha or ward commissioner as the case be would scrutinize the form and eligible ones forwarded to Child Development Project Officer.

·         Further process is carried out by the District Social Security Cell who would sanction the grant.

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