Sauchalay Nirman Gharka Samman Yojana Scheme

Sauchalay Nirman Gharka Samman Yojana Scheme

In India almost 70% of the household do not have access to private toilets that comes as a big sanitation and cleanliness problem to the country. Rural areas and slum areas there are hardly any proper toilets and due to this it has been noted that around 60% of the country’s population still defecate in the open.

Sauchalay Nirman Gharka Samman Yojana Scheme

It has been a difficult task to make people of the rural and slum areas to understand that how harmful it is for themselves and also other to defecate in the open, and can lead to numerous health and environmental problems. Keeping this in mind a lot of initiatives have been taken by the state and then central government to solve this problem and to encourage people in building toilets in houses. One major initiative taken by the Government of India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is the Swatch Bharat Campaign.

About the Swatch Bharat Campaign

Open defecation is a major concern and keeping this in mind Prime Minster Narendra Modi announced on his first Independence Day speech, after coming to power in the year 2014, that his government would make all efforts to make India free of open defecation by the end of the year 2019. He said that it was more necessary to build toilets rather than temples and since then the initiative of building toilets in rural and slum areas began. To support this campaign the Ministry of Urban Development also started giving an amount of Rs.4000 to the household that did not have toilets. Since then it has been reported that around 1 million toilets have been constructed in the country.

The state government of different states have also been supporting this initiative and a lot of similar campaigns have also been launched in many of the states. One such recently launched scheme is the Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka Samman Scheme.

Details about Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka Samman scheme

In recent times the Government of Bihar has been working hard on the progressive development of the State and has launched a lot of new scheme that would help in development of the people in the State of Bihar. As a part of the Bihar’s Nitish Government’s 7 reform promises, the Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka Samman scheme has been launched.

Name of the scheme Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka Samman
Launched by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar
Date of launch 28th September 2016
Area covered The whole of Bihar state

Under this scheme the main objective of the Bihar government would be to make sure that the state does away with the practice of outdoor defecation. The households of Bihar that do not have a toilet will be given financial support so that they can build a toilet inside their respective houses.

The Bihar government has said that they would get away with this problem within the year of 2019. Money would be allotted under this scheme in order to construct a lot of community toilets in different areas of the state.

This scheme has been launched along with schemes like Student Credit Card scheme, Kushal Yuva yojana, Swayam Sahayata Bhatta, and Har Ghar Nal ka Jal. All these schemes are aimed at bringing socio-economic development in the State of Bihar.

Health problems caused due to open defecation

  • Open defecation leads to the spread of numerous diseases such as diarrhea and intestinal worm infections but also typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, polio, trachoma, etc.
  • Open defecation also leads to water pollution and thus leads to water borne diseases. Children are most affected by these health problems that are spread due to open defecation.

Apart from health problems open defecation leads to many other problems, especially among girls and women. It has even lead to rape when girl go out to isolated places for defecation.

Change in the mind set of people

Even though under the Swatch Bharat campaign many toilets have been constructed, it has been noted that most of these toilets are not being used. This is because people in the rural and slum areas are used to defecating in the open and do not under the importance of using the toilets. Another major reason for not using the toilets is that the newly built toilets are not properly connected to clean water and sewers. But this is not a major problem. The main problem is that there is a lack of awareness among the people. A lot of awareness campaigns are being conducted in such areas but then it not impacting the people in a way that it should. So there is still a long way to go in order to achieve a condition in India where there is no open defecation at all. These scheme surely have the potential to make a difference in the situation.

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