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YSR Aarogyasri Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2019-20


Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2019-20 [Eligibility Criteria, Health Card Status Check, Application Form Online Download, Hospital list, Surgery list]

NTR Vaidya Seva Scheme was health and welfare scheme for the poor people that was announced and launched in 2016. But over time, some changes were necessary in the project. As the state came under a new CM, the former scheme was re-launched once again. This time, it was launched under the name YSR Aarogyasri Scheme. The main feature of this project is to provide free medical treatment to the poor people. Here is an in-depth detail of the re-launched scheme.

Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Scheme ap

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme YSR Aarogyasri Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by Jagan Mohan Reddy
Recent announcement made on June 2019
Venue Tadepalli Camp
Earlier name of the scheme Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva Scheme
Former announcement date 2016 – 2017
Supervised by Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department
Helpline number 0863 – 2222802 ; 0863 – 2259861
Mail ID ceoap@ntrvaidyaseva.ap.gov.in


Key features of the YSR Aarogyasri scheme

  1. Health and medical development – With the implement of this scheme, Andhra Pradesh government will be able to set the platform for the overall development of the medical facilities and amenities for the beneficiaries.
  2. Payment for medical treatments – Many people must depend on regular medicinal consumption. These require a substantial payment. If the medicine purchase bills go above Rs.1000, the state will pay for it too.
  3. Treatment coverage for BPL families – The primary beneficiaries of this scheme will be the BPL families. After these people have been enrolled, the middle income groups will be served as well. Every family will be able to attain free medical treatment worth 2.5 lakhs.
  4. Renewing the policy – The state government will contribute to keep the insurance coverage active. Beneficiaries need not pay any money as the premium. Apart from this, the insurance scheme will be renewed automatically every year.
  5. Enlisted hospitals only – Not all hospitals and nursing homes will get the opportunity to serve the beneficiaries. Though all state-run hospital and primary health care centers will tend to the requirements of the beneficiaries, only a few private nursing homes will be roped in to offer the treatments.
  6. More salary for ASHA workers – Most rural areas come under the jurisdiction of the rural hospitals. Many primary health care units work under these hospitals. But the entire area is serviced by the ASHA workers. The new state government has decided that the ASHA workers will get an increased salary from now on. Their earlier salary was Rs. 3000 and now every ASHA workers will receive Rs.10000.
  7. Medical card – Beneficiaries will get free medical assistance from the enlisted hospitals for secondary and tertiary ailments. Interested beneficiaries will be able to get the complete list from hospitals and primary medical treatment centers.
  8. Number of insured operations – It has been highlighted in the scheme draft that beneficiaries will receive free surgical benefits. 1040 expensive operations have been mentioned in the scheme.

Eligibility and documents of the YSR Aarogyasri scheme

  1. Residents of Andhra Pradesh – The scheme is only open for applicants who stay in the state. Registered natives of Andhra Pradesh will only attain the free treatments. So, residential proof documents are necessary for this application.
  2. Family income limitation – In case the accumulated wealth of the family is more than Rs. 5 lakhs, then the household will not attain the scheme perks. Submission of the family income certificate is necessary to support the claim.
  3. BPL applicants – Only BPL applicants will be able to attain this medical coverage scheme. There are no extra points for guessing that all applicants need to possess their BPL certificates.
  4. White ration card holders – Any person who has the white ration card that is issued by the Andhra Pradesh government, will also be allowed to get the medical insurance coverage. If necessary, the applicants need to submit a copy of their white ration card copies.
  5. Medical expense papers – The scheme will offer financial assistance to those applicants who need to shell out Rs.1000 or more on a monthly basis. The medical bills must be submitted to attain the benefits.
  6. Identification documents – It is mandatory for the applicants to have their legal identification proofs. The Aadhar card is one official legal document that must be submitted at the hospital during admission, along with the medical card.

How to enroll for the YSR Aarogyasri scheme?

Rural people do not have the means to settle for online enrollment. So, the former CM of Andhra Pradesh made things easy for the people with offline or traditional application. Under the leadership of Jagan Mohan Reddy, the scheme has been launched again with better facilities. People expected that during this re-launch, the CM will keep the provision for both online and offline application. But in a recent announcement, the CM said that there may not be any enrollments at all. The state has its database that highlights the names of people who have BPL registration. It also has details of people who have white ration cards. Thus, if the name of the eligible beneficiaries is in the BPL list and white ration card category, then such people will be automatically get enlisted in the scheme, and get their medical cards.

However, the state has currently launched the official portal of the scheme. Interested people can check out the details of this scheme, and other state-sponsored schemes on this site. To get to this portal, you must click on the link http://www.ysraarogyasri.ap.gov.in/. In case the government decides to add an online enrollment procedure, then it will be done through this official portal. Once the registration link is added in this website, we will provide details of the link and the registration procedure.

Empanelled hospitals under YSR Aarogyasri Scheme AP

Though most of the government hospitals are empaneled in this system, only a few private nursing homes have been given the opportunity to serve people, under this scheme so far. If you want to check out the list of all the enlisted hospitals and nursing homes, then you must log in on the official portal. Here, you will see the official YSR Aarogyasri link. When you click on the program link, you will get access to several links, which are associated with the hospital empanelment. If you desire to check out the different hospitals, which have been listed already, then click on the link marked as “Empanelment Online Application.” When the page opens, you need to place the cursor on the tab marked as “Hospitals.” As soon as you click on this tab, a drop down option list will open, from where you can attain the list of government and private hospitals, primary health care units, and hospital-related details.

The central government has implemented several medical healthcare schemes. The state governments are also walking on the same path to ensure that the common and needy people of the respective region get proper treatment. The implementation of these medical welfare schemes also develops the medical infrastructures. Private nursing homes offer better medical facilities as compared to the government hospitals. But these nursing homes charge very high fee for the services they offer. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the financially weaker sections to pay such high medical bills. Schemes like the YSR Aarogyasri Yojana will assist such financially weaker sections.

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