Zero landless scheme of the Kerala State

Zero landless scheme of the Kerala State

Landlessness has usually been a very big issue particularly in the land deficiency Indian state like Kerala. One of the 3 city resident lives in insufficient living space worldwide is Kerala. The people who are all poor and living in rural regions are struggling with the issues of inadequate living space in Kerala because of the huge urbanization also in the panchayath regions. Providing the highly safe titles in the form of pattayam is actually the formal recognition that helps poor people to get the better access of the necessary financial and legal services to increase the capital and also to make investments in the ways of sustainable and productive nature.

Notification issued by government under this scheme on 31.01.2012
Number of applications received within a month from announcement 3.50 Lakhs
Total expenditure expected for this project Rs.50 Lakhs (Mainly for Stationeries, Logisics and Manpower)
Application for this Zero landless scheme distributed via Village Officers
Application fee Rs. 5 per application

Zero landless scheme of the Kerala State

Situation of landlessness in Kerala:

It is the most common and well known fact that there are some situations wherein the individuals who are not getting eligibility to obtain the land assigned by the Kerala government will get a land assigned in their favor. At the same time, there are a few situations where the eligible persons are denied to get this chance at all the times. This inequity has been occurred scientifically due to the non-identification of landlessness ever in the complete history of the state Kerala. As the land resources are very limited in this state, it is mandatory on the part of the state government to have the best appraisal of the specific demand and as well as supply of the lands.

The human rights commission of the Kerala state has recently directed that the deadline to apply for this zero landless Kerala scheme be enlarged. The order from the Kerala government specifies that the applications are received till 31, March, 2014 before 2 years. The applications which are all coming through the revenue adalats and mass contact programs are only considered for this scheme. This project is mainly to help the people who are all not able to afford for buying a land.

Progress of zero landless schemes:

This project has been processed for the past 2 years and in the February 2016, 6500 titles are distributed by the revenue minister Mr. Adoor Prakash to the selected beneficiaries in the Kasargod district. At that time, this district would also be declared as the second zero landless district in the Kerala. The district secretary of welfare Indian party Mr. P.K. Abdullah said that apart from being the ins and outs for the kids to remember in the quiz competitions, some of them will change on a ground. It is actually very helpful to leading the protests for the landlessness of Kerala. From the revenue officials to the political leaders in the opposite side, they could not agree it very well.

Many of the plots in the Kerala land regions found for this zero landless scheme are actually uninhabitable and rocky areas. So, the beneficiaries will get the slog on the floor in order to build the house. It is said by the Thiruvanathapuram deputy collector.  All the IAS officers from this area were getting responsibility to the plots also in the land bank. This order was made mainly to include all unlivable places in the scheme. Such officers are also struggling to include the Tahasildar of the Hosdurg Taluk in order to say the assigned plots in the land bank are totally rocky terrains.

Zero landless scheme in Thiruvanathapuram:

The government of Kerala has recently declared to have the available three cents of the land to each family who are all coming under this zero landless scheme. The number of beneficiaries of this scheme will be 43437 families and 42225 acres of the land will be given to all of them. During the last 4 ½ years, these tribal people from the various parts of the state have been getting the land from the state government.

When highlighting the main initiatives of the Kerala government in the policy address to the assembly of the governor Mr. P. Sathasivam, he said that Kasaragod, Kannur, and Idukki districts had become the zero landless regions due to this scheme. Within the period of 4 years, about 148345 people in these areas have been getting the lands of their own assigned by the Kerala government.

Different phases of the zero landless scheme:

The Kerala government has made a plan to make the Kerala is the first state that there are no landless citizens. A lot of revenue officers and political personalities have been taking a lot of steps forward to make all beneficiaries happy by providing the lands. This scheme has actually started in the year 2014.

First phase Started in March 3, 2014 1/3 of the 10271 beneficiaries have actually got lands from this scheme.


Second phase Started in 2015 Nearly 80 % of the poor and rural people got the lands to make them owning lands.

A lot of political leaders and government officials are taking part in this zero landless scheme to distribute and supply the lands to the beneficiaries. In the 2016, almost all the beneficiaries got the lands in hand. Most of the lands in the different districts of Kerala would be plotted to give the lands to the families who are all in the landless situations. This effort of making everyone without landless by the Kerala government would be appreciable at all. In the immature step, Mr. K.P. Satheesh Chandran who is the secretary of the CPM district said that there were more numbers of inconsistencies in the implementation of this zero landless scheme.

Mr. K. Sreekanth who is the district president from the BJP party also said that it could be early to make the district as zero landless as many people from the poor and rural communities were so far to obtain the land. At the same time, he also declared that over 80 % of the beneficiaries from all the Kerala families obtained the lands under this scheme along with the facilities of road, drinking water and also the best set up for the waste management to move their state in to the next level.


Though, the scheme started with full of hope back in 2012 while launched by Sonia Gandhi. But now, it seems like haven’t fulfilled its mission of making Kerala Zero landless within 2015.  Government officials are working hard to complete the scheme by purchasing lands from private estates.

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